5 WooCommerce Extensions You may have Missed

Chris Lema

This week I had lunch with a group of WordPress guys in San Diego and one of the questions asked was whether WooCommerce supported affiliates. It was a great question and not the first time I heard it, so I decided to make sure you knew about three offerings for WooCommerce that exist for affiliate marketing.

As I pulled that together, I realized that a couple of other extensions had come out that you might have missed. In what may become a weekly series, here’s a list of extensions for WooCommerce that you may have missed and that you may want to bookmark.

Affiliate Extensions

Other Recently Released (or Updated) Extensions

  • WooCommerce Wish Lists by DVin – When people talk about wish lists and WooCommerce, they often do a search and find WishList (the membership software). Fortunately, an extension does exist that let’s you decide to put something on your own wishlist instead of buying it. Great for delaying some impulse purchases!
  • Product Support by Brad Williams – The extension leverages BuddyPress or bbPress to deliver fantastic product support (like creating new posts in existing product-based focums, and putting purchasers into the right group based on what they bought).

So what extensions are you liking/using with WooCommerce?

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  1. That’s a great list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Searching for WooCommerce affiliate solutions, and there you are again front and center on Google. You rock, Chris!

  3. grandmasterdenniskelly says:

    do you have any experience or any comments regarding the use of WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates – WordPress Plugin if someone has signed up as an Amazon seller rather then just an affiliate?

  4. grandmasterdenniskelly says:

    Thanks anyway.

  5. The Amazon Affiliates Extension by AA Team is a great time saver! It lets you select the products you want to market with ease – but you need to edit the descriptions to avoid creating duplicate content issues which Google might not like. This could damage the visibility of your store in search engines.

  6. Hello , how would I go about setting up my WordPress Site with multiple affiliate products from several different vendors? If a customer buys a T Shirt from my Zazzle Store (affiliate link) and another from, say, my CafePress Store…would they have to check out twice? Or is there a plugin that allows my customer to buy several products from different affiliates but only checkout once and pay for everything at the same time?


  7. hi chris, you need to update the plugin listed in this page. some are outdated and dead.

  8. Affiliates Pro for Woocommerce by itthinx is extremely frustrating to use and isn’t quite what I was expecting (or needing) from an affiliate plugin. Payouts have to be done manually by the admin every time and users don’t have the option to withdraw their earnings. Basically they are at the mercy of the admin on seeing their money. There is no option to set a minimum payout threshold. The user interface is very poorly done with super vague instructions. Sure you get a lot of documentation but again much of it is vague and more confusing than not. Although support response via the forum is somewhat fast, it’s laughable how copy/pasted the responses are, if not one word answers. Browsing through the forums (which too are an indexing nightmare), I knew I was in trouble with this plugin from the get-go. English is obviously not the supports first language, beware. All in all, I would rate this a 2.5 out of 5 stars and it overpromises, under delivers and I am an avid wordpress site developer with some coding knowledge.

  9. Hi, Am planning to purchase a amazon wordpress affliate theme, am not not a developr, but a i need a theme which is less complicated to set. If any one can suggest. Thanks in Advance.

  10. Also checkout woocube pro. It joins cubepoints with woocommerce providing a great loyalty and rewards solution for wordpress. Allow users to use their points for purchasing products.

    It has several configurable options like conversion rates and maximum % discount with points. This is true wordpress Gamification using cubepoints for points and woocommerce for rewards.

  11. Do I able to use woocommerce points and rewards to setup buying products in X points ? instead of a discount with points

    say, customer can buy product A with 1000 points, product B with 750 points and so on.

  12. Here is another great WooCommerce-Amazon Plugin. This Plugin allows you import Amazon orders directly into WooCommerce for WordPress. Easily map Amazon and WooCommerce Sku numbers. Stay ahead with automatic order updating via cron. See a list of all your Amazon orders in WooCommerce.

    Additionally, you can configure the plugin to automatically Update Amazon shipping info and tracking numbers after the orders have been shipped. This Plugin is fully integrated with multiple WooCommerce shipping plugins.


  13. I’m using woocommerce amazon affiliate store plugin on my site. I can say that the plugin is easy to use. I only have problem when wordpress is updated because the theme and plugin sometimes you need to wait for update.

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