Pressgram is live. Now enter to win a free iPad mini.


Pressgram-is-livePressgram is Live!

The competition is over. Brandon Dove won.

At the intersection of the most popular social media trend (filtering and sharing photos), the ubiquity of smart phones (people leave their homes with keys, wallet, and you guessed it), and the web’s most popular content management platform (WordPress), lies a tiny, little, free mobile app called Pressgram.

It was an idea. Then it was a stealth weekend hobby. Then it was a kickstarter project. And now it’s a published and released app for iPhones.

But this isn’t just an Instagram clone. It’s not just another filtered photo app. Two things set it apart:

You own your own photos. Go read the privacy policy and compare it to Facebook’s or Instagrams.

Easy & direct integration with your WordPress site or blog. It’s crazy simple to get your photos on your own site.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have all the normal features you like – like sharing with twitter and facebook. They’re there too.

So go download it from the iTunes store right now!

Wait, there’s more…Win a free iPad mini!

We want today to be a huge launch day weekend. We want everyone to download, install and sign up right away. So I’m adding a little incentive.

The rules are simple:

  1. Download and install the app.
  2. Come back here and post (in the comments) your username (so I can follow you)
  3. Tweet this out. (you’ll see the tweet before you send it)
  4. Take at least one photo with Pressgram

On Monday I’ll have my wife pick her favorite Pressgram photo and I’ll contact you to get your info so I can ship you the new iPad mini.

A couple of quick notes:

  • You can take as many photos as you like. Once I follow you, I’ll have them all in my stream.
  • You must do each part of the four steps. Missing one will disqualify you.
  • The contest ends Sunday at midnight PST.
  • Only 1 iPad mini will be given out. There will only be one winner. No second place.
  • My wife likes books, baking, kids, and me. (probably in that order)

Did this contest just get more amazing? Yes. Yes it did!

Josh over at heard about the promotion and thought – what if people don’t have a site yet? Wouldn’t they want one – to host all those great photos?

So he’s offering the following:

  • Free hosting for a year
  • 1 Domain registration
  • 3 email accounts
  • AND a premium theme from

Now seriously folks, that’s just awesome. Now you have no excuse.

Like this post? Never miss one again.

Never miss my weekly digest of posts, and get a bonus video on WordPress hosting.

  • Pippin

    Username is “pippin” :)

  • Stephen

    Pressgram username: sterry99

  • Blessing Mpofu

    My username is blessing

  • Craig Allen

    Love this! Just tweeted! And my username on Pressgram is: craig.

  • Reba Baskett

    Have been waiting for this app. my username is rebabaskett

  • melody

    yeah! I am melodyjoy – sweet giveaway!

  • Addy Saucedo

    Sweet! I think this is awesome that you’re helping get Pressgram out, I will be using this 100%.
    Here is my username for you (and anyone else who’d like to follow)
    User name: Addy
    You rock Chris LEMA! ;)

    • Jon Manna


  • Drew Hawkins

    My username is drewhawkins. Love the app so far.

  • Daniel Espinoza

    ‘d_espi’ and I’ve been following you for weeks ;)

  • Andrew Mason

    Yo. Username is “Andrew”

  • Jacob K. Bluhm

    I’m jacobkbluhm. Thanks for hosting the contest.

  • Andrea

    Just got it installed and looking around – I’m liking it so far! My username is nutsandbolts. :)

  • 4ftPhotoz (@4ftPhotoz)

    my username is: 4ftPhotoz

  • Scott Lee

    Come one Pressgram!
    User: scottlee (I think)

  • pmgarman

    my first pressgram’d picture will be the best pressgram’d picture yet. my username is pmgarman.

  • Ryan O

    Just getting things started here…
    User name: ryanott

  • Elliot

    Great work guys – love it. I am @raison

  • Joshua Jones

    My username is Joshua. Thanks for launching this contest. I just followed you on pressgram and twitter.

  • BrandonBrandon Dove

    Pressgram name is brandondove and I would love an iPad mini. =)

  • Tom


  • John Regan

    My Username is johnregan3

  • rachael

    I’m rachkincaid, and I’m loving this so far!

  • Jon Wellman


  • Andrew Roach (@ajroach42)

    username is ajroach42

  • Katie Allred

    Username: katiejallred yo

  • Kailey ʇɹǝdɯɐl

    Username: trepmal

  • Katie Richards

    My username is kjrichards. I am loving pressgram so far!

  • Ram Ratan Maurya (@mauryaratan)

    Hey Chris,
    Nice app, like the UI. Also I posted my first pic using Pressgram. Loving those filters as well.

    My username is: mauryaratan ;)

  • itzsnider

    I think my username is matthewfsnider

    Keeps crashing on iOS 7!

  • Diane Hidey

    My user name is dhidey. What a great idea. Thanks for all your work to get the word out there. I’m posting a link on my FB page also!

  • Chris MacDonald

    Hi Chris, my username is christopherbmac . Thanks for the contest.

  • Drew

    Loving pressgram! username is “drew1″ – I want to know who this “drew” guy is.

  • Scott Hack

    Any idea if an Android port is planned? #teamandroid

    • chrislema

      Yes, it’s planned.

  • GaryJ

    Username is GaryJ

  • dustyf

    Hey Chris, my username is dustyf I already followed you.

  • abbiesanderson (@abbiesanderson)

    Nice! Username: abbiesanderson

  • Michael John Beil

    Word Chris. Username is @Michael.

  • melissa136

    User name is melhop

  • Chris

    Cool idea, thanks!

    User = chrisensor

  • ⓟⓐⓤⓛ ✌ (@paul_wp)

    user name is paulwp

  • Adam Shields


  • jtsternberg

    Great idea, Chris!

  • Lisa Sabin-Wilson (@LisaSabinWilson)

    Username: lsw


  • Damon Sharp

    Username: damonsharp

  • Kyle Strong

    username: klstrong

  • Will Schmierer

    Username = ImBigWill

  • Joel

    Username is joelwills

    What’s your username Chris? I’m guessing chrislema

  • tddewey

    tddewey, I’m among your following throngs :-)

  • James Laws

    Username = jameslaws

    I don’t take a lot of pictures but I love new things. :)

  • Kevin Marsden

    I’m loving the app. Username: kevmarsden

  • Travis Williams (@trvwll)

    My username is trvwll

  • Chris

    Woo! this is awesome. Now I know who to follow. I’m jazzsequence

  • ThatGuyKC

    Yay for Pressgram! So glad it’s finally here.
    My username is ThatGuyKC

  • Jonathan Christopher

    Username is jchristopher – glad this app is in the wild!

  • LenyK

    username: LENYK

  • ramiabrahamwpdotcom

    Username: rami

    You rock! Time to take some photos.

  • Khürt Williams

    My username is khurtwilliams. Pressgram photo is here:

  • Karim Marucchi

    FYI, I’m Marucchi
    (Self selecting out of the Ipad, good luck to you all)

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  • Chris Rouse (@ChrisRouse)

    Username is “chrisrouse”.

    • chrislema

      couldn’t find you

  • Michael

    username: mlclapp

  • Patrick Rauland

    Woo! Hope to get me a free iPad. :D

    username: bftrick

  • Tom Siodlak (@stormlux)

    Username is Stormlux :)

  • Brian

    username: rockaceone
    great app!

  • Jenny Mack


  • Austin Lee


  • Jonathan Dingman

    For some strange reason, my username is “pressgram1″ .. lol

  • Brian Richards

    O Hai, Chris! I’m not ashamed to exploit our friendship for a free iPad mini.

    Find me on pressgram as rzen :)

  • Virtual Gem (@VirtualGem)


    • chrislema

      Couldn’t find you on Pressgram.

  • TwisterMc

    I downloaded it this morning and it’s kind of nice. My username is TwisterMc.

  • rickey2


  • raquelandefeld

    My username is raqueL! First time I got my name. :)

  • Tommy Day

    I’m already a huge Instagram addict so I don’t know if I’ll end up using this much, but as a WordPress developer I’ve gotta try it out!

    Username is tommy.

  • Bobbie

    This is awesome! Username: poldira

  • Jon Manna


  • Emma

    Cool competition. EmmaDavies

  • Jive Dig (@JiveDig)

    Username: JiveDig

    So excited Pressgram is out in the wild now!

  • Faison Zutavern

    Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, I don’t want to use it, So Pressgram is obviously something I’m going to use for sharing pics!

    Username: FaisonZ

  • Justin Labadie

    Hell ya works on IOS 7 beta 6!! justinlabadie

  • Courtney Dignam

    yes! I’m cjdignam

  • UaMV

    @UaMV … excited for the possibilities.

  • Luke Perkins

    Username is Luke. Such a cool giveaway!

  • Leah Maclean

    Looks good! You’ll find me at leahmaclean.

  • Chris Morris

    username is cmorris031

  • Gabrielle Campbell


  • Jim Krenz

    I love this app. I posted about it to my local WordPress meet up group this morning.

    My username is Jim. Yes, Jim. I am so happy to have my first name as a username!

  • mt_Suzette (@mt_Suzette)

    Hi Chris, my username is suzettefranck

  • spyrie

    Username is: spyrie


  • Sam.T

    Username: samuelthan

    Thanks for giving me the iPad :)

  • Michelle

    I’m not playing, due to Android, but I just *had* to come and say… way to get lots of traffic/engagement on your blog. ;)

    • Mike Zielonka

      Send me pics and I’ll post! We’ll share the ipad mini!!! :D


  • Ansel Taft

    How can Android-only users enter? :(

    • chrislema

      Maybe there will be another contest…

  • Joseph Vasquez

    Username Josephvasquez

  • Andy Smith

    Great contest. A good way to find new friends too. My pressgram feed is quiet. Follow me at andysmith

  • shackep

    Username is: pixelplow

  • Brad Caldwell (@BradCaldwell)

    I’m BradCaldwell on Pressgram

  • Nik

    Pressgram is awesome!

    Username: techvoltz

  • Matt


    • chrislema

      couldn’t find you

  • Japh

    Username is: japh

    Great idea, Chris :)

  • Dougal Campbell

    My Pressgram username is (surprise, surprise) “dougal”. And I’m already following you there. :-)

  • Michael Musgrove

    My Pressgram username is “musgrove” (without the quotes.) Prepare yourself for some kick-ass photos.

  • bradjdavis

    Username: braddavis

  • Peso255

    Username: Peso :)

  • John Hawkins

    This’ll be a shock to nobody… username: vegasgeek

    • Brian Richards

      I am SHOCKED. Shocked, I say!

  • Joni

    So exciting! Username is joniconover.

  • Jonathan Wilson

    Hey Chris!
    Username: wilson

  • Aaron Hockley

    Apparently all the cool kids are doing it. And I’m “ahockley” on Pressgram.

  • Helen Hou-Sandi

    I’m “helen” :)

    • chrislema


  • afragenAndy Fragen

    Username is ‘afragen’

  • Ozzy Rodriguez (@OzzyR)

    already used the app to post two photos to my personal blog! it’s great!

    • chrislema


      • Ozzy Rodriguez (@OzzyR)

        @OzzyR… sorry, i thought by using the twitter account to post, it would have come across.

  • Gautam Thapar (@Gautam_Thapar)

    No iphone :(

  • april (@geetarnub)

    username: geetarnub :)

  • Ingrid

    Pressgram rocks. My username is thegirlinthecafe.

  • Jon Brown

    Pick me, pick me! jb510

  • Konstantinos

    My username is kouratoras

  • timdruhym

    Hello there, my pressgram name is TimDruhym… it rocks…

  • anestan

    my username anestan :D

  • Grace Solivan

    Pretty sweet –
    username: bitofgrace

    *a lil lost about how/where the FB post goes.. selected FB when originally posting the photo, then shared it from the feed as well – but dont see it in my FB page.

  • Toren

    Love it! Username: toren

  • Sam Clarke

    Username is samclarke

  • Cat

    I love this app! You guys are going to get HUGE! :)

    My username is “Cat”

  • mochans

    My Pressgram username is mochan

  • Jeremiah


  • Ali Burden-Blake

    Yeah I could go another photo app! Never enough! I like the idea that it’s easy to post to WP.
    Username: ali

  • Christian Bjerre Nielsen

    Pressgram username: Decura, Twitter username: C2Viper

  • Wayne Cordova

    I love Pressgram! My username is WayneCordova

  • Pepa Cobos

    Username: pepacobos

  • David Margowsky

    The name is David5

  • David Margowsky

    Changed my username to Margowsky – so easy to use!

  • 1107mediaBrad

    Cool app Chris and like the design changes on the site. Username is: thebradspalding

  • Paul

    My Pressgram username: paulstohler

  • Caleb Davis (@nadspapa)

    nadspapa – Pressgram is great!

  • Sarah Wefald

    Hey Chris, I’m sarahwefald on Pressgram. :)

  • 4ftPhotoz (@4ftPhotoz)

    @chrislema do we have to also sign up for and in order to me in the contest?

    • chrislema


  • Thomas P.

    Username is “SailorDad”

  • Carolyn Y

    User name “Carolyn”

  • Dustin Hartzler

    Username is DustinHartzler

  • Chris Hale

    So happy the wait is over!

  • Jon Sabel


  • Jessi Foell

    Cool app! I’m jeeprsjessi

  • John Alley (@johnalley)

    Love the pressgram app! Good bye instagram!! I’m truephotoplus


  • parmigian

    Cool ! My username is modarf

  • Liz Webb (@xliznatasha)

    My username is: lizwebb

  • Ruthie Unaegbu (@nnenne)

    The things that excited me about this new app: the simplicity, its awesome design/look/functioning and the fact that I got “ruthie” as my username. Yes! Another geeky computer thing for me to get far too excited about.

  • Jon Nastor

    My username is: jnastor

  • Kelly Cain Smith

    username is kellycain
    thanks for the awesome app & giveaway!

  • Demian Seiler

    Great idea Chris, your support is fantastic. Love this!

  • Erin

    Hi Chris!
    My username is sharingmy2cents

  • Nathan Aylestock (@NAylestock)

    Username: Nathan
    This is a great giveaway and awesome promo for Pressgram! Thanks!

  • trevor

    My username is: trevorcarpenter

    I’m having to enjoy the app on my wife’s iPhone 5, cuz mine is sporting iOS7, and the app constantly crashes there. Hopefully we’ll see an update soon, so I can play on my own phone.

  • Max

    Maxlewe :)

  • Jacob deCastro

    My Pressgram username is @jacob and my Twitter is @jacob_decastro.

  • KSC

    username is @ksc

  • Kevin Gilbert

    Pressgram username is wkeving.

  • Chris Mcintosh (@akamac)

    user name is “mac”

  • Lujan

    @jlujan !

  • Ryan K. Parker (@TheRyankParker)

    pressgram username RyanParker

  • “our field” writer

    Pressgram Username: lavdi_afrim26

  • Joe

    My user name is joedpowell

  • Ramon Williamson

    Pressgram username is: ramonwilliamson

  • Rich

    Username: Rich


  • Esh


  • Angela Bowman (@angelabdotme)

    @angelabdotme :)

  • Mike Tidmore (@wideglidemike)


    • chrislema

      couldn’t find you on Pressgram

  • Dale Aceron (@daleaceron)

    Username: @Dale

  • Ben Dempsey (@BenDempsey)

    Username: Ben

  • Dave Clements

    Count me in. My username is dave3

    • Dave Clements

      Actually, make that just dave

  • Eldon

    Pressgram Username – eldonyoder

  • David Stone

    It really is a great app!! Username is davidstone1995

  • Isaiah Jackson

    Finally made it to the comment box.

    My user name is Isaiah

    Loving the app so far.

  • Andrei

    My username is Andrei.

  • Bert Alcorn (@BertAlcorn)

    User name is “bert”

  • Randy Wilburn

    Username is. Randywilburn

  • Jason

    My username is “jasonjulien”

  • Shannon

    Awesome! Username is schilders. Thanks for you generosity and commitment.

  • KeithKlingenth Klingen

    User: keithklingen

    I love what is happening around the @pressgram around, and this post is a tribute to the great community that understands it!

  • Hammy Havoc

    I’m hammyhavoc on there and @hammyhavoc on Twitter.

  • John Bowersox

    Username: jsox78

  • Jody Livingston

    Username is JodyLivingston & @jodylivingston on twitter. Creative I know…

  • Eric R. Stoeckel, Jr.

    Username: estoeckel

  • Allison G.


  • Andy King (@thefatrat)

    username: andyking

  • Valerie

    username: Valerie

  • Marc Mendes da Costa

    Username: Graphphoto

  • kitkatz

    This would be great…if I owned an iPhone. =(

  • Dustin W. Stout

    Oh, I hope I ween! Username: dustinwstout

  • Kristof Bernaert (@ssstofff)

    name of the user: ssstofff

  • Lynn Hidy (@upyourtelesales)

    user name: Lynn
    but Chris… what is YOUR username?

  • Ann

    Great contest! My username is ann

  • Ben

    Username: benbubar

    • chrislema

      couldn’t find you on pressgram

  • Jennifer Wilder

    Love freebies and love Pressgram!

    username is ouiser

  • Angel

    Username is @angelcastaneda
    I’m so glad to see so many people signing up

  • Kristin

    :) Just posted my first Pressgram pic to my blog!!
    username: sproutsenroute

  • Robert Mitchell

    Username: rhmitchell

    Thanks for sharing the love of Pressgram!

  • Gene Hammett

    Username: genehammett

  • Aaron Schwab (@aschwabphoto)

    @aschwabphoto here!

  • KK @ the mom diggity

    @momdiggity Loving Pressgram already!!!

  • Jae

    @jae is my user name. Do I need to give you my twitter name too since it is completely different?

    • Jae

      just in case: my twitter name is : @wesleysmom2004

      • chrislema

        No issue. I found you.

  • Łukasz Kuczborski


  • smutek

    @smutek on pressgram and twitter. :)

  • Matthew Everett (@MEverettPhoto)

    My Pressgram username is matthew.

  • Andre

    Username: robles109

  • Tony Moore

    I am loving Pressgram. Follow me @tony

  • Natalie MacLees

    Username: nataliemac

  • Mike Lawrence

    Thanks for the awesome opportunity! Pressgram username is MikeLawrence

  • Brian Ziegelheafer

    My username is: brianzig

  • John

    pressgram username: thebunkies

    Love this app so far!

  • Travis Doecke


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