Are you using these three ways to learn WordPress?


yoda-three-ways-to-learn-wordpressThree Ways to Learn WordPress

Today I want to make sure you are aware of three different kinds of resources that can help you learn WordPress.

This post though is a video (because, remember, I’m trying out Wistia and seeing how well it will work for me – so far, so good).

Plus my friend Shayne doesn’t love to read all my posts. :)

5 Resources in 5 minutes

But if you don’t feel like watching all five minutes of the video, let me list them for you real quick.

Personal Trainers

Video Tutorials

And introducing a new offering

Bart & Ben are the two guys behind WP University. ¬†They also do client work. But they decided to create a plugin that would train people in a different way. A way that would teach by having customers develop their own muscle memory. It’s an interesting approach that I think could work for people who have tried these other channels and found them lacking.

It’s also great for folks who learn and use WordPress but then step away for a while and forget everything and have to learn it all over again (which is not a small group).

Check it out –

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  1. First, you’re awesome because you used a pic of Yoday. Second, why do you have bookshelves with nothing on them?! Third, great video and amazing resources. I’ve spoken with Lucy before but I’ve never interacted with any of the others. Great resources for my clients. I’m also really interested in checking out this WPUniversity. Thanks for the info Chris :)

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