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Since 2005 I've been working with startups, with software companies, and in the WordPress ecosystem helping teams and companies grow. I've spent tens of thousands of hours helping folks with stories & frameworks that help them make better choices. I'm guessing I could help you too. My blog posts are a great way to get started. But I'm also happy to speak at your event, or we can talk about my coaching programs.

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Can I Tell You a Story?

Whether it's on a real stage, or on virtual stages (for the past 12 months), my goal is always the same – to engage an audience with stories and then surprise them with the insight.

If you're looking for a speaker for your next event or conference, let's work together to delight your audience.

I've Helped Folks Just Like You

Steve Zenghut

Whether it's product strategy or a question about which plugin to use, I know Chris will get me an answer faster than anyone else.

– Steve Zehngut, Zeek Interactive

Josh Steimle

Chris was able to save me months of lost time and tens of thousands of dollars by directing me to the right tech to create my marketplace.

– Josh Steimle

Clifton Griffin

Finally pulled the trigger on consulting with Chris and let me tell you: worth it. Now for the hard part: going out there and doing stuff!

– Clifton Griffin, CheckoutWP

Sydni Craig-Hart

Chris laser focused in on what the issues were with our project and gave good advice about how to move forward.

– Sydni Craig-Hart

Have a specific question?

Over the last few years, through private consulting, coaching, and using the pay-by-the-minute Clarity service, I've helped hundreds of folks like you solve their business, strategy & WordPress problems.

Let's chat. Most calls last less than 20 minutes.

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