Add A Monthly Connection To Your Online Course


One More Tip For Your Online Courses

Over the last few days I've written about selling your course and adding team licenses to your courses to help you generate more revenue. So it makes sense that I would bring this last tip for those of you getting ready to launch online courses this year. It's all about adding a monthly connection.

People Buy Your Course Because of You

I don't know if you're like me, but once I buy a book, read it, and like it, I go find all their other books and buy them. What I've discovered is that I like the author and then I'm motivate to read the rest of their works.

Do you do that?

I ask because the dynamic that's at play is the same as what happens when people buy one of your courses. If they like you, they're likely to want anything else you have.

People may buy your first course because of the topic.

The rest?

They likely buy them because they like you.

They feel comfortable with your approach, the way you talk, and how they learn when they're listening / watching you. Have you experienced that yourself?

Whether it's an online course or a book, have you ever felt that connection with the author or instructor?

People Want To Connect With You

I can't tell you the number of conferences I've gone to, where I hear the speaker, feel like I have really connected with their material, and wanted to follow up with them and tell them my story, or ask them a question.

But most of the time I'm chicken. I know there's a purposeful distance between me, in the audience, and them, on the stage.

But that doesn't mean I don't want that connection.

Now, here's the crazy thing. When I'm on the stage and others are in the audience, I never think of any kind of distance. I'm happy to connect with folks after my talk is done.

I'm guessing you've experienced the same thing.

The bottom line is that there's a group of folks in your audience that want more than just to listen to you. They want a connection. With you.

So that's what I'm suggesting you consider.

Add a Monthly Connection via Zoom

Adding a monthly connection as a Zoom call isn't hard at all. But it's powerful.

And I'm not suggesting it has to be free. You know you don't need my permission, but I'll give it to you right now. You can charge for a monthly connection.

What would you do during that time? Here are a few ideas.

  • Hold a monthly Q&A session
  • Share additional lessons / advanced topics
  • Collect questions in advance and do a deep dive into one of them
  • Moderate a discussion with those who attend

My point is that people will gladly pay for the additional option to connect and go deeper with you, to hear from you, and to be able to interact with you. So consider adding a monthly connection for a price.

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