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Presentation Challenges? Choose Passion

As you are preparing presentations you normally think about all the info you want to pass along. Instead, ponder what fuels your passion.

Silence: The Power of the Pause

I'm an extrovert. I like to talk. Silence isn't natural to me. I think my opinions and ideas are important. But this can really be a challenge or obstacle if you're selling. Now truth be told – I've never held ...

Has Peer Pressure gotten a bum rap?

The statistics on high school peer pressure are crazy. In California, laws are getting written up against bullying because it's become such a problem. Among parents, any discussion can get focused pretty quickly on negative peer pressure if your children ...

Are You to Blame for your Team’s Productivity?

Sometimes team productivity is less about hard work and more about context. These three books and three suggestions may help you out.

Singing (or Speaking) without Notes

It doesn't matter if you're singing the national anthem or speaking to 10 people, here are 3 reasons why you need to remember your words.

Discount Pricing for Early Registration isn’t Helping

I just finished the early registration process at Google for the Google I/O conference and soon you'll hear how fast it closed up. Two years ago it took 90 days to fill up all the spots. Last year it took ...

A Parent’s Faith: Are you too Rich to pass it on?

Tonight, as my kids were watching a VeggieTales movie, I was in another room thinking and planning my family's future. Because we're in the middle of transition and are planning to move within the next several months, I've been working ...

Are you in the Strength 20%?

This isn't about performance. Instead it's about passion. Marcus Buckingham's research suggests that only 2 out of 10 people can agree with the statement, "People recognize what I do well and push me to become better and better at it." Are you in the 20% that agree?

PowerPoint Done Right: Passion over Knowledge

Preparation is critical, but not if you're just going to gather and prepare facts. Preparing your heart is more critical.

Powerpoint Done Right: Visual Appeal

Powerpoint isn't the reason your slides suck. Powerpoint is just a tool. How you use it is critical. The rule of thirds can help.