Why Use Images?

Do you know how the brain reacts to words and pictures in PowerPoint? Want to know which has more impact? It's not a secret. Pictures win!

Answer the Unspoken Questions

What if you knew the three questions that needed to be answered in every presentation? Would you want to know them? Here's what they are...

Stop Saying This! Now!

What if the phrase you are using to inspire confidence is doing the very opposite? Would you want to know?

The Power of Words

Sticks and stones may never leave the legacy that words can - for better or worse. Here are some quick tips on how to leverage the power of words.

Presentation Challenges? Choose Passion

As you are preparing presentations you normally think about all the info you want to pass along. Instead, ponder what fuels your passion.

Singing (or Speaking) without Notes

It doesn't matter if you're singing the national anthem or speaking to 10 people, here are 3 reasons why you need to remember your words.

PowerPoint Done Right: Passion over Knowledge

Preparation is critical, but not if you're just going to gather and prepare facts. Preparing your heart is more critical.

Powerpoint Done Right: Visual Appeal

Powerpoint isn't the reason your slides suck. Powerpoint is just a tool. How you use it is critical. The rule of thirds can help.

PowerPoint Done Right: Practice

There's a huge difference between practicing (which is essential) and talking about practicing (which is a waste of time).

PowerPoint Done Right: Audience Engagement

If it's important to you, it should come across that way, right? So what does it tell your audience when you're staring straight down at your notes?