Have you embraced the full power of storytelling?

There's power in your story The other day I was interviewed by my friend Carrie Dils on her OfficeHoursFM Podcast. We talked all about the power of storytelling—in business. I'm hoping it was practical and useful, as I didn't spend ...

Are you trying to create memorable presentations?

Did you know most people forget what they hear within an hour? Make your words memorable. What we know today about how the brain works, and about how people process information, is so dramatically different than what we were taught in ...

Have you run out of blog ideas? Try this

Everyone has it happen at some point, right? Running out of blog ideas? It's not that uncommon. No one has ideas all the time. So why should you be so lucky? The truth is that we all struggle sometimes to ...

Learn your own story, Then learn how to tell it

Do you know your own story? Have you learned how to tell it? A couple weeks ago in Dallas After three months at home, away from conferences, talks and events, I headed out to Austin and Dallas for meetings and ...

How I create an eBook (without a lot of typing)

What if I told you that you could create an eBook without a lot of typing? Would you be interested? And I'm still taking about your own content. Here's how.

The major mistake a nervous presenter makes

If there's one terrible mistake a nervous presenter makes, it's this one. And it's totally avoidable.

Your question: Should I stop blogging?

You ask yourself this question all the time: should I stop blogging. My answer to you is pretty simple. No. Not now. Even if you're not seeing results yet.

Two reasons why I make my points with stories

Today I thought I would reveal why I use storytelling so much. Here are two reasons why I make my points with stories. And you can too!

Practice presentations like Bob Marley

When you practice presentations like Bob Marley (the way he practiced performances), you'll discover you can handle just about anything that comes your way.

Finding your voice as a writer

Here are four things to think about as you work on finding your voice as a writer.

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