Our Instincts are Wrong

Are Your Instincts Serving You? Imagine that you and I are sitting in the living room, hanging out. And suddenly you hear a small sound – a knocking of sorts. Then it’s a bit of a sliding sound. I interrupt…

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Driving WooCommerce Conversions

So I’m thinking out loud today. Ok? It’s Monday. So that means we’re talking about eCommerce and, more specifically, WooCommerce. This post is my external processing about driving WooCommerce conversions using tools I’ve already written about. I’ve told you about…

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Combine Automations in Autonami

Autonami is a powerful WooCommerce CRM You’ll recall the other day when I shared 4 special deals, I mentioned WooFunnels (the folks behind Autonami). Then, in a follow up post on automations, I told you about Autonami. Today I want…

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