Combine Automations in Autonami

Autonami is a powerful WooCommerce CRM You’ll recall the other day when I shared 4 special deals, I mentioned WooFunnels (the folks behind Autonami). Then, in a follow up post on automations, I told you about Autonami. Today I want…

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Constant Discovery

Introducing You to New Products One of my favorite things is to introduce people to new companies and products that they don’t know about. It is part of the way I feel like I can be helpful. But it often…

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Is There Really an Alternative to HubSpot?

When you have an inbound strategy, is there really an alternative to HubSpot? When people talk about HubSpot, it’s almost like they have to say more than CRM. If they don’t say “inbound,” are they really talking about HubSpot? In…

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