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Have you started Segmenting your readers/customers yet?

If your business needs help generating revenue, you just need to take a trip to Vegas. They understand segmentation in Vegas.

Status and Pulse Calls are not the Same

Status and pull calls are not the same thing. A status call worries itself with activity. A pulse call focuses on accomplishment.

Do you have a NOT TO DO list?

Everyone I know has to do lists. But do you have a not to do list? Because that's where you're wasting most of your time - doing things you shouldn't be.

Why buy the cow when the milk is free?

It's an age old question: Why buy the cow when the milk is free? It applies to freelancers as much as anyone else.

I have friends…

I don't have customers....I have friends. I interact differently with my friends. And it pays off.

Web Development Shops: Prepare Yourselves

If you're a web development shop, then I want to make a few suggestions about your focus areas for next year.

Bad Clients or Good Ones: Where is your Focus?

Where is your Focus? Is it on the wrong customers or the right ones? Good ones or bad ones? The ones paying? Or the ones complaining?

Perspective: Working “On” rather than “In”

You can't see patterns or ask great questions without perspective. Here's how to start thinking about your business differently and why it's critical.

Priming: Our Brains are not Computers

Our brains are not computers as much as we wish they were. Here's a quick explanation on Priming and how you might be able to use it.

Disagreement as an Expectations Management Technique

You already know the trick to successful projects is expectations management. I agree, and raise you the notion of strategic disagreements.