What do you do with your fear?


I started a new job yesterday – after eight and a half years of working at the same company.

At my old job I knew everyone (mostly).

At my old job I knew stuff.

And I knew how things worked.

Can I tell you about my first 10 minutes?

I was nervous.

What if there were questions I couldn't answer?

What if I didn't understand what folks were working on?

What if I didn't know what to do and I just stood around?

What if people decided I was a bad hire?

But over the years I've learned three things about fear:

  • We all have it.
  • Even while we're nervous, others are too.
  • An emotion shouldn't dictate my actions.

So even though I'm a confessed struggler of the impostor syndrome, I got on my first call.

Regardless of the fear that buzzed in my stomach.

I did what I needed to do, regardless of the feeling.

And you know what?

I survived.

And even more importantly, there were several moments of my day that I enjoyed.

I would have missed those if I'd given in to the fear.

What scares you? And more importantly, are you letting that fear stop you?

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