Have you seen LaunchKey?


A different kind of User Authentication

So you want to log into your WordPress site without remembering your password? You want to sign in but at the same time, make sure that it's really you signing in? Oh man, I've had so much fun with this new plugin/app/cloud service: LaunchKey.

When you get tired of logging in….

I have to admit, I log into enough web applications that I started to hate logging in. Sure, it's a little thing, but ugh, I wasn't digging it. So the first thing I did was start using LastPass. It lets you create passwords automatically, and then can save them for you, so that logging in is easier. But my friend John Hawkins, of 9Seeds fame, introduced me to a new product called LaunchKey that compliments LastPass. It let's me log in via my cell phone!

Three reasons I love LaunchKey

  1. It works with LastPass – I don't have to create new passwords.
  2. It leverages my phone (which I normally have with me) – to help authenticate me.
  3. It supports geofencing – and that's a cool tech feature that I hadn't seen useful yet.

So yes, the gadget guy in me is happy. The security part of me digs it too. And I have been looking for a way to be even more dependent on my iPhone.

Ok, maybe that last line wasn't super accurate, but you know it's happening.

Now, I know I rarely just tell you – “hey, go check this out!” and maybe you're wondering if this is a sales pitch to fill my pockets. But as far as I can tell, the plugin and service are currently free.

So consider this just a friendly Friday public service announcement.

What are you waiting for? Go get the free plugin, get your mobile app, and sign up with LaunchKey!

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Chris Lema
Chris Lema has been working with WordPress since 2005. Over the years he's been a blogger, a speaker at WordCamps, a coach for WordPress product companies, and the founder of the conference for WordPress business owners, called CaboPress. Today he's the VP of Products at Liquid Web, where he manages the world's first managed platform for WooCommerce stores.