How Are You Doing Content Research?

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The Blank Page is Intimidating

When you open up WordPress (or any CMS) to write a post, it can feel stressful to stare at a blank page. It's true even if you write daily. So today I thought I would introduce you to a tool I just discovered for content research. It's pretty amazing.

The product is called Topic. As you'll see below, it's not free. But they have an inexpensive way to try it and that's what I did. And boy was I impressed.

Content Research Takes Time

Imagine you want to write a post about collecting donations online. How long should your post be? We all have that question, right? It's always debated. But imagine if you could find out exactly how long it should be to rank well?

Topic will do the content research for you so you don't have to spend the time doing it yourself. Research takes time, or at least it used to. But this is absolutely incredible.

Which Articles Are Ranking Well?

What if, and you know where this is going already, you could see which articles are ranking for the topic, when it was written, how long it was and a bunch of other great info?

That's what Topic does for you. It helps you see where the competition exists and uses it's own algorithms to grade them.

How much would you pay for that? But wait, don't answer yet because it gets even better.

See Content Outlines (without reading the article)

One of the things I tell people about writing content is that it's great to look at titles without reading the article when doing your content research. It helps you keep your opinions fresh while helping you see what's being written.

But what if you could go further and see outlines without reading the article? That would be even better.

Questions from Quora & More

What I love about Quora is that it is a great source for the questions people are asking. Topic goes past Quora and adds the “Google Suggest” queries and more. This helps me think about my content by paying attention to what my audience wants.

Keywords and Key Topics

I can't articulate how impressed I was as I continued scrolling down the content brief that Topic created for me. They are able to give me the keywords (by relevance) so I know not to miss anything critical.

Cited Links Are Available As Well

The last part of the content brief created by Topic is the commonly cited links, which helps me see where the competition is pointing people already. Of course, you know if I were writing about online donations, I'd be linking to GiveWP.

Are You as Impressed as I am?

You know what I did after I tried this out, right? Yes, I purchased a plan because I can't wait to use this for more content briefs. It has the ability to rapidly shrink the amount of content research work I do, particularly for longer articles.

Check it out –

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