How do you learn?

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Do you remember Good Will Hunting?

Do you remember when Robin Williams asks Matt Damon to name his mentors. Will (Damon) starts to rattle off a bunch of names – but they're all dead. They come from books. It was the way Will learned. Reading.

Others learn in other ways. I love books and for over a decade read over 100 books each year. But some things were harder to learn just by reading. Have you ever tried to read a book about chess without a chessboard? Thankfully I learned chess playing against my dad. I learned by playing (though I'm not all that good) over and over again.

How do you learn?

I ask you this question because I've discovered that most people can't articulate exactly how they learn best. I find that not knowing this makes learning much more difficult and when people do eventually figure it out – they always wish they'd learned it earlier.

Some people learn better by hearing things – podcasts and such. Others learn better via experience – where they get to do the activity. Experiential learning is how my son learns. Even if it means running into a wall several times to figure out that it won't move.

Visual learners and those who learn by reading learn in a very different way (and with far fewer bruises).

Learning How to Learn

I have a free email-based learning class on how to learn better, and over 250 people have taken the course. It's objective isn't to teach you about learning styles, but rather how to learn more effectively (regardless of your learning style).

So far the feedback's been great – maybe you want to check it out. (Did I mention it's free?)

Back to Good Will Hunting

There were many things I loved about Good Will Hunting but maybe my favorite was the fight in the bar between Robin Williams and Stellan Starsgard. It's the debate of what you do with talent. Do you push it? Do you let it move at its own pace?

My wife and I work thru these issues regularly as we parent two gifted children who, in our opinions, need pushing. But in the movie, Damon's better off following the advice of Williams (the non-pressured approach).

Damon needed a guide. A coach. Thankfully, for our daughter, we have a brilliant Doctor (PhD) friend who acts as that guide.

Some of you need a Coach

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How do you like them apples?