How to Sell Digital Goods on a Shared Host with WordPress

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Sell Digital Goods

Want to sell digital goods?

Let's say you're on a shared host and you want to do a little e-commerce for your latest eBook (or other digital content). I'd tell you to look at Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) first. But you realize that it requires you to have a dedicated IP. Now maybe that's not a problem. And if it's not, then check out EDD and write me a note later thanking me. It's pure awesome.

Not ready for a dedicated IP?

On the other hand, some of you might not be ready for a dedicated IP (and the associated SLL cert) because it's either too complicated or requires that you upgrade your shared account to a higher level (which costs you more).

In that case, you've had another option, which I've told you about – CloudSwipe. They take care of everything for you and even make things look just like your site. Pretty powerful.

Ready for another option?

The other day I told you about Memberful – which was in beta. They charged 4.9% + .30 for each transaction. But they were easy and they supported Stripe – which you know I love.

But guess what – what if I told you there was an even newer solution and that it was even cheaper (barely)? Would you want to know?

The benefit is that the final cart isn't on your site, so you don't need a private IP, an SSL certificate or anything else. Interested?

Sure you are. And it's just been released, so you are getting the inside scoop on this awesome gateway.

Introducing Super Stripe

The same folks that brought you Affiliate Royale, Pretty Link Pro, and Memberpress, have brought you something brand new. Something easy to use. Something that integrates with Stripe. Something that is so simple, you'll love it.


Super Stripe

  • It's free to sign up.
  • It's a plugin that is also free and easy to activate.
  • You can sell any digital good.
  • It only costs 4.9% of the transaction total.

They have great documentation already on their site, so getting started is a breeze.

I'm using it

I'd been assembling and working on a short little eBook about corporate culture and the 20 rules that all my employees have to learn as they join my team of high performers. It's basically a High Performer's Rule Book, and it's 20 mantras, procedures, and practices that I want all my new employees to “get.”

So I decided to sell it online for $5 – which is ridiculously cheap. But when you buy it, you can see how Super Stripe works!

So seriously, go check it out. And then start using it (the eBook and Super Stripe).