Working from home rarely looks like this

Managing remote teams isn't something you just pick up.

But leading remotely doesn't have to be a complete mess.


Huddle Up Daily

Micromanaging things won't help you. But people who are used to the casual connections that happen in the office can feel left out pretty quickly - even unintentionally. So schedule a quick daily huddle to check in and make sure everything is fine.

Shrink the Work

Instead of multi-week projects, shrink the work so that you're not talking about milestones, but inchpebbles. Invite your teams to create daily lists of of work. You'll be impressed how much gets done when every single person makes forward progress daily on just three things a day.


Take More Breaks

The speed of the leader defines the speed of the team. If they see you work all day, non-stop, they'll assume they need to do the same. This is a new context for them, and they'll need to learn how to pace. So take more breaks and invite them to do the same. 

Schedule your Energy

Every person has times when they have high energy. But it's different for each person. So help them learn when to schedule critical calls and meetings, and when to schedule email management. This isn't about time management. Success is all about energy management.


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