LearnDash Integrity


Some Days You Get to Release Cool Stuff

Today we released LearnDash 3.6 along with CourseGrid 2.0 and LearnDash Integrity. And while all the rest is so cool, and I told you already about Subscriptions, what I was most thrilled about was Integrity.

I didn't build anything. The team did all the work. I just got to be there when we made the announcement and told the world about all this cool stuff.

I'm sure there will be bugs and we'll fix them. I'm sure with the number of customers we have, that we'll find edge cases and we'll work on that.

But it's great when you get to release cool stuff.

What is LearnDash Integrity?

Most people who work on building their first course never really think about someone coming to their site and stealing all their content. It's not the first thought in anyone's mind. But it happens.

If you've hosted your online course for any amount of time, you likely know the frustration of seeing your content somewhere else. Or when you start noticing that multiple people are logging in from different locations, at the same time.

The challenges are many, and the solutions often require some technical work that may be outside of what a course builder is prepared for.

So what is LearnDash Integrity? It's a set of features that protect your course.

The Easiest Way to Protect Your Course

LearnDash Integrity does a few different things to protect your course.

Concurrent Login Protection

You can simply hit a toggle and kill the ability for people to share passwords. If two people log in at the same time, from different places, using the same login / password, it will stop them.

Hotlinking Protection

One of the other ways people steal your content is by leaving it right where it is, and linking to it from their own sites. This is called hotlinking, and now we have a toggle that will kill that too.

Copy & Paste Protection

Want to stop people from actually copying and pasting your content onto their pages from yours? We have a toggle for that too (though if someone really wants to get it, it's a bit challenging to protect it from technically-oriented thieves).

reCaptcha Protection

Lastly we're adding reCaptcha. And I know that there are other products out there that do this. The good news is you can keep the toggle off and not use ours. But if you're not using anything, this is just a toggle away.

We're a Week Away from Black Friday / Cyber Monday

If you've been on the fence about LearnDash and wondered if you should get a copy, I'll tell you that the best time to do that is next week, when we'll be offering it for 50% off. That's the only sale we run all year. So don't miss it. It won't be elongated, extended, or any other last minute surprise extension.

You're going to love everything we've put in for 3.6 along with CourseGrid 2.0 and LearnDash Integrity. This version is aces!

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