The right way to sell yourself

When people encourage you to blog, for you or your company, the question pops up? How often to pitch. Here's the right way to sell yourself, in my opinion.

This is not the definition of value based pricing

A lot of people talk about it, but from what I hear, they're getting the definition of value based pricing wrong.

The marketing mistake too many people make

I talk about this so much I'm surprised I haven't written about this classic marketing mistake. Here's my introduction to outside in marketing.

What about selling themes without support, or a la carte?

If you're selling themes, you may have thought about trying to do it without support. Here's my take on why that will fail. Just my take.

What should a WordPress theme cost? [Opinion]

We've been talking about themes a lot recently. So here's my take on the question of what should a WordPress theme cost. It's my take. An opinion.

What happens if WordPress themes get more expensive?

There's been a lot of talk and question about WordPress themes and their prices. Here's my take on what happens if prices go up.

Are you ready to become a rainmaker?

If you're tired of answering technical questions and dealing with low level issues that distract you from being a rainmaker, then you'll want to read this.

Are you selling WordPress themes? Here’s my prediction

It all ends where it starts. At least in my book. Here's my prediction on the future of selling WordPress themes.

Building products that don’t focus on profit

Is there ever a reason to create a product where the focus on profit is secondary? What if there is? Would it surprise you?

How welcoming is your website? Learn from Headway Themes

Sometimes we worry too much about our products and forget a critical question: How welcoming is your website? Check out how one company improved their site.