Pricing advice for freelancers

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Last year I spoke about pricing to a ton of folks in Miami. It was a fun session where I shared several insights on pricing for freelancers.

I also spoke in a tandem session with my buddy Steve last year on pricing, at WordCamp Chicago.

And of course I've written about pricing from the perspective of product pricing.

But all of that was last year. And we're in a new year. So, when my good friends from iThemes invited me to share with them some new insights for a recent webinar, I jumped at the chance.

In this 45 minute video, I'll cover the following:

  • Why value based pricing is really hard (to begin with)
  • How positioning can help clients understand what they're really paying for
  • A truth that will help you significantly, both in shaping your role and in closing deals
  • Skipping the mistake most people make when articulating their price
  • The hardest thing to do when it comes to preparing for the pricing conversation
  • A tip that most of us forget when we're talking with prospects

My slides are also available here.

Here's My Pricing Advice for Freelancers

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