Reviewing Gridbuilder

Why I'm Reviewing Gridbuilder

So over the last few days, our team at LearnDash has been talking about our new version of CourseGrid that we'll be releasing soon. One of the dynamics that happens when you're building software is that you end up telling yourself that you know who the customer is. But it's not always a single kind of customer (like I mentioned the other day).

Some folks using our software are end users who want a simple way to create a display of their courses that looks great. Others are software folks who want to control a lot more about the display.

As we were talking about it, I remembered a product that I thought had done this really well. Now, to be clear, I'm not announcing that we'll be doing this. But it's a great illustration of solving a complex problem in a way that works for technical and non-technical audiences alike.

That's why I'm reviewing Gridbuilder today.

Make Hard Things Easy

When you first get into making things look good on a WordPress site – and I'm talking about course lists, product lists, or blog lists – you discover that it's not as easy as you might have hoped.

You're interacting with a query, after all. But there are so many dynamics at play, since this display may not be the only thing on the page, that things can get complicated quickly.

The trick, with any software, is to make hard things easy. And that's what Gridbuilder does. It makes the creation of cards and grids really easy to manage that non-developers can do it.

But that's not really the hardest thing in the world…

Keep Easy Things Easy

The hardest thing in the world, as you're making hard things easy, is to keep the easy things easy. Most people fail there. Because they have to tackle the complexity of grids and cards, you can imagine that simple things (like showing a list of blog posts) would take a lot more work.

But this is where Gridbuilder stands out. They keep the easy things easy. As you'll see in my video below, it takes just a few clicks to make a blog display show up (and look good).

Even better, as you'll see below, developers who want to tweak things can also do it easily without feeling frustrated about what they can or can't control. It's the reason some developers hate page builders (I'm not one of them).

Check out My Gridbuilder Review

So here is my Gridbuilder review – it's just under 9 minutes, but shows you exactly how easy it is to use it. It also gives developers an insight into how we can build this kind of flexibility into our products for both tech and non-tech customers.

Click on the image to watch the video

I hope you dig it. You can ask questions directly in the YouTube comments.

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