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Chris is awesome! Very well experienced and he answers your questions right on the dot. And as usual, his articulation of getting the message is spot on. Highly recommend him.
– Vinodh David

Brilliant as usual. When you get stuck in growth mode, Chris can pretty much unblock you all at once.
– Mario Peshev

Chris cut through the noise and challenged me to re-think my hypothesis which was extremely valuable.
– Troy Dean

Chris took problems that had been over complicated by multiple development teams and
zeroed in on simple solutions…… that work.
– Jason Dent

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Over the last few years, through private consulting, coaching, and using the pay-by-the-minute Clarity service, I've helped hundreds of folks like you solve their business, strategy & WordPress problems.

Chris Lema on a Video Call

Very impressed and grateful for Chris' insight. I consider myself a good researcher but was flat-out stumped on some architectural details. Chris zeroed-in on my concerns and simply and succinctly spun-out a solution path. I was glad to spend more time exploring what was possible and how to accomplish it efficiently and cost-effectively.

– Chris Petrauskas

Chris was quick to grasp my plans for a membership site and make recommendations accordingly. He was very effective and efficient. His insights on the pros and cons of plugins and recommended go-to-market strategy was on point. Thanks Chris!

– Bob Duprey

My time with Chris was well worth it. I wanted to pick his brain about a development stack I was planning to use on a new project. Within minutes, he was able to give me the answers I was seeking.
I wouldn't hesitate to reach out to him again.

– Craig Junghandel

Having a second expert opinion was what I was after, and you gave that and much more.
This gives us the confidence on our decision moving forward. THANKS!

– David Graham

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