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It's the First Day of the New Year

Did you rest and relax? I hope so. I did too, but I also have a goal to release three new mini-courses by Monday (and that doesn't include the course I created for WP101 on being a better blogger). So I was relaxing while doing the work to launch three courses using LearnDash and WooCommerce.

As I did the work, I discovered there was a lot of things to think about. So I thought you might want to check it out and see if the same things were on your checklist. So here's a quick video of the key things I had to think about.

At the end of that video, I show you some code. The good news is that I didn't have to create that myself. You can get it here and tweak it as you need to.

Using LearnDash and WooCommerce Isn't Hard

Now, you might think – hmmm, that felt like a lot to think about. But here's the good news. Both LearnDash and WooCommerce were made to be flexible and support all different kinds of scenarios. So the trick is knowing what you want to do, and making your own checklist.

Once you do it once, like I did for the first mini-course, I knew I was in a good spot for the other two courses. All I need to do is record them tomorrow and they'll be ready for Monday.

The reason I'm confident is because the thank you page redirects don't have to be done again. The WooCommerce products that point to the LearnDash courses are just copies of what I've already done. The tags for FluentCRM are already complete.

There's nothing new left except the video lessons for each of the other two mini-courses.

Now, Why Mini Courses?

In the video I promised you I would explain why I was creating these three mini-courses instead of real, full, complete and far-more-expensive courses.

  • Was it because I didn't have time?
  • Was I just being lazy and didn't want to create more?
  • Is there a strategy behind this mini-course approach?

I've told you already about the power of mini-courses. But I didn't give you the strategy behind it.

And you knew, as you read those questions that me being lazy wasn't the answer (after yesterday's post on consistency and daily blogging for 365 days).

There is a strategy.

I'm Looking For a Specific Muscle

Here's what I'm doing when I create on-ramp products. And that's what mini-courses are. They're an on-ramp to the rest of what I do. They're the easy way to go from stop to 65 mph as you get on the freeway.

I'm checking to see if you have a very specific muscle.

Muscle? Yes.

It's the one that helps your arm reach back towards your back pocket where your wallet is. Or helps you move your arm towards your purse on your desk where your wallet is.

I want to know if you know how to spend money. If you don't, that's no problem. But if you do, I'd like to go from an anonymous relationship where you read my blog but I don't know who you are, to a de-anonymized relationship where we know each other.

And if you have the muscle, and you're willing to spend even $19.99 out of your wallet, then I want us to get to know each other and see if there are other ways I can help you, which will come with other price tags.

That's Why I Am Launching Three Mini-Courses Next Week

I will have three mini-courses (each $19.99) using LearnDash and WooCommerce available to help you. Each one covers the four biggest mistakes people make as they're trying to succeed. It introduces you to ways around them, strategies to leverage, and exposes you to paradigms that I think will help you.

I can't wait for you to check them out.

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