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In early March I’ll be presenting some material to teachers who volunteer at North Coast Church. Coaching those who present information – in or outside the church – always comes back to what we now know about the brain. So I decided to create an infographic to help communicate some of the main information.I call it sticky teaching because the goal whenever we’re presenting is to make sure our message sticks. That’s even more important for these volunteers.


You can download it here. Note, this is the Christian version, with verses on it.
The less committed version, for the general public, can be downloaded here. (no verses)

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  1. mattmckee says:

    Just had an interesting conversation with an introvert about the book Quiet and the research that is in that book about learning and the brain. I am by far not an introvert but find it intriguing that we learn in ways that can be very similar to each other but at the same time can be very different from each other. What I like about this infographic is that it focuses not so much about the style of teaching, group learning vs private learning, but speaks more to the visual learning vs text learning. The infographic also focuses on keys that cross beyond personality and gets to the root of what sticks with us.

    Nice job Chris.

    • chrislema says:

       @Carol H In a recent change of hosting providers, something went wrong. But you can try the links now and they should work. Thanks.

      • Carol H says:

         @chrislema Thanks. Another question: on the last page are what sounds like great resources. {aptly titled :) } Are these linked somewhere?

        • chrislema says:

           @Carol H No. They are just great books I recommend reading, if you want to dig into further items. Soon, will be live, and resources will be available there.

  2. ImaginationSoup says:

    LOVE how clear you make the research in application to teaching!! Posted it here

  3. Chris, I am really glad I took the trip through your blog and arrived at this post. I have been asked to do a “teach the teachers” program for churches in my area. The old methods are no longer effective. Your sticky teaching will be a great addition to my material.
    Thanks for making this available.

  4. Ann Whitten says:

    Can I use this infographic in a presentation on Brain-based Learning. You would receive full credit for the graphic of course and I would attach your website address to the slide. This is a presentation for the Learning Disabilities Association of America in San Antonio next month. I am working on it this week so need to know quickly! Thanks! It’s a great infographic!

  5. Katie says:

    Hi Chris, very compelling. Are the books at the bottom the sources of all the information in the graphic, or are there other sources you also drew from? Thank you.

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