Client Management

Managing Clients Who Send Weekend Emails

We all get weekend emails We've all been there before, right? You’re out, enjoying time with friends or family and then you check your phone. You know you shouldn't have. But you did. And what do you find? Clients have ...

Two Kinds of Customers

There are two kinds of customers out there, and here's why I pick the harder of the two...and why it works for me.

Creating the best Customer Onboarding Process

How do you learn? One of the conversations I enjoy the most is one I regularly have with freelancers about learning and mastery. The core of my question always comes down to this: “How do you learn best?” More often than ...

A single trick to win more customers without doing more work

For service companies, when prospects are evaluating you, there are three things they all care about. Do you understand the core problem? When you get on that first phone call or have the first meeting to talk about the business, ...

The easiest way to stand out as a freelancer

The easiest way to stand out when you're a freelancer is so simple most people skip right past it. Here it is.

How to fire a customer (and have them come back later)

If you've ever wondered how to fire a customer, here's my suggestion on how to do it without burning any bridges.

Developers: Finding the Perfect Client

In the last of five emails to my team at Crowd Favorite, I cover the concept of the perfect client and how we go about finding them.

Things I hate: People with Formulas

In my second part of this four part series, I focus on people with formulas - the get rich, get thin, get (fill in the blank) quick kinds of formulas.

Things I hate: Indirect Communication

Few things in the world are worse than service providers who (for some reason) embrace indirect communication. It's the first item in this freelance series.

Client’s Bad Ideas: Obey or Say No?

Every client you know has bad ideas. But what do you do when you hear them? Obey? Reject? Here's what I do, and more importantly, here's why.

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