Customer Support

Four mistakes WordPress theme vendors make

Continuing in this series, here are four mistakes WordPress theme vendors often make. Not you. Other people. But it may help to quickly review them. You know, just in case.

WordPress Theme Vendors: Sell the right stuff

Sometimes it's easy to fall into selling things like everyone else. If you're a WordPress theme vendor, here's my suggestions for doing it right.

Are you interacting with support in a helpful way?

You can yell, get angry, and show them who's boss. But if you're interacting with support this way, you may not enjoy the result. Here are better ways.

Is it worth getting into the premium theme business?

People have wondered if the premium theme business is dead - seeing DevPress & Press75 for sale, and others (iThemes, WooThemes) move to plugins. It's not.

You shouldn’t ask for a refund if…

It's a natural part of the purchasing process, where you get a product that doesn't work for you and it's time to ask for a refund. But not all situations are equal. Here are five tips for you when you're thinking about asking for a refund.

Developers, don’t be burglars

It's an extreme situation, but developers often find themselves shocked to see that we may be leaving ourselves open to charges of digital trespassing.

Five tips for dealing with non-paying clients (after deploying a site)

Here are five tips that I want to share with you about dealing with non-paying clients.

You don’t need to make a splash to give feedback

It's a quick post, mostly just a video - with one main point: You don't need to make a splash to give feedback.

Just because they give you a refund doesn’t mean you were right

You order something. It doesn't work the way you hoped. Try not to be a jerk about it. Stay polite, even as you ask for a refund. Don't be that guy!

You won’t have to become a WordPress expert once you see this

Over time WordPress has become a bit more complicated than before. But that doesn't mean you need to become a WordPress expert. Now you have options.