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Using Twilio with Gravity Forms (A Hack that Rocks!)

If you don't need the "keyword" feature that TextMarks offers, you might just be fine with Twilio for all your SMS needs. Here are the 5 steps to using Twilio with Gravity Forms.

How to Connect Gravity Forms And TextMarks for Text Messaging

Want to create a simple way to connect your WordPress site with text messaging? Gravity Forms and TextMarks can help. Here's the sample code.

Speeding up your Development: Using WordPress as a Platform

You can start a development project using whatever framework you like, from .net to ruby on rails, but few offer as much as using WordPress as a platform. Here's a story about one such project.

WordPress MLS Integration: Pain, Plugins, And Programmers

In the WordPress world, it doesn't matter if you come from the programming or design side, real estate web sites will lure you in with their simplicity and then suck you into the depths of a black hole you never imagined - one called "WordPress MLS integration".

Friends don’t let friends have janky web sites

You know the kind of site I'm talking about right? If it were a home, there'd be a car (on blocks) in the front yard. If it were an outfit, it's the one that ensures you won't stand next to your friend when they're wearing it. So why do you let your friends have sites like these?

A WordPress Real Estate Solution: A Single Theme, A Single Multisite

We created a real estate offering that not only uses WordPress, but uses a single theme and a single WordPress multisite instance.

Creating a WordPress Mobile Site without Plugins

As you can imagine, I'm tired of hearing or using the word “responsive” already. It was a great word in the last part of 2011, but it's like those custom paint colors that today you look at and know immediately ...

Your WordPress Site: Five Lies Holding up your Launch

When you get started with a Wordpress blog or site, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices in front of you, and you might be tempted to believe one of these five lies.

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