eCommerce Platform Selection

Adding recurring billing to WordPress? Check these 5 factors.

You want to charge people money, over and over? You have options. Years ago I worked with a client to transform his offline business into an online business. It was a subscription business—which meant he was charging his customers repeatedly. ...

The Best WooCommerce Hosting in 2020

Choosing The Best WooCommerce Hosting Takes Work Want the best WooCommerce hosting available? First we need to talk about hotel choices. If you are looking for a hotel, and you want a place to sleep for a night, and it's ...

Why Choose WooCommerce?

Einstein once said, “What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.” Does this hold true for WooCommerce? Should you pick this popular WordPress eCommerce plugin? Every few days on Clarity, I am asked ...

Can you build a membership site with WP eCommerce?

Have you heard of WP eCommerce? There's a good chance that if you've been around WordPress a while, you've heard of WP eCommerce. The reason is because it's the oldest, the original, eCommerce solution for WordPress. Years ago, when there was ...

Which of the eCommerce solutions for WordPress is right for you?

There are so many eCommerce solutions for WordPress that sometimes it's hard to choose. But maybe this new announcement will make things easier.

Need help choosing the right eCommerce platform?

If you're building an eCommerce site on WordPress, then you may need help choosing the right eCommerce platform. After all, there are several to pick from.

What people want most when building an eCommerce site

It may take you a second to get to the core of it, but what people want most when building an eCommerce site isn't tons of features. It's something else.

A new WordPress e-Commerce offering: is it right for you? just announced a new addition to their business offering - a new WordPress e-commerce offering. But is it right for you?

Five questions before you start e-Commerce projects

E-commerce projects aren't easy. So before you get started, I suggest you ask your prospective client these five questions.

Save time and money with WooCommerce

E-Commerce web sites are still work. They're complicated. They're costly. But WooCommerce can make things go faster and cost less than the alternatives.