eLearning Product Reviews

Comparing Online Learning SaaS Products

Later this month I'll be talking about all the choices you have when it comes to online courses. In that talk, I'll show you why you might want to use a WordPress plugin (like LearnDash), or when you might consider ...

Evaluating the best WordPress LMS plugins of 2017

How do you choose from the best WordPress LMS plugins? A few years ago I decided to watch a show that I'd never heard about. It was called The Wire. I simply found it, decided to watch it, and then loved it. ...

Three Zippy Courses features I wish they would add

Have you been thinking about building an online course? I write a decent amount of articles on online course creation simply because more and more, it's the core questions I get on Clarity. It seems like every day people are ...

Looking at Zippy Courses in my Membership Plugin Review

It's not specifically a membership plugin but let's look at this from the purchaser's perspective for a second. I think you ought to consider Zippy Courses.

Zippy Courses at first glance

If you've heard of Zippy Courses, then you're likely wondering if it's the best online course solution out there. Here's my initial review.

eLearning on WordPress: Comparing WP Courseware and LearnDash

Every time I write about elearning on WordPress, people ask about LearnDash. Here's my comparison.

Sensei: Why you might not need a WordPress Membership Site

You may be able to get away without a WordPress membership site, if you use Sensei by WooThemes.

Teaching with WordPress: Sensei, WP Courseware or Premise?

Which is right for teaching an online course in WordPress? Sensei from WooThemes? WP Courseware by Fly Plugins, or Premise by CopyBlogger? I'll tell you.