Why my corporate sites don’t show “the team”

I'm ok agreeing to disagree… I want to share with you why my corporate sites – I'm talking about any company where I'm one of the execs – won't ever show a “the team” page. It's not because I don't ...

High performers use the clock to their advantage

High performers aren't scared by scarcity. Instead they use it. Learn what an emergency landing can teach you about high performers. They use the clock.

High Performance is a Choice

Much like going to a gym and hiring a trainer, the real work happens when you choose to do the workout. Similarly, high performance is a choice.

Project Managers, these are for you

This is a series of videos for Project managers that I've been recording for some of my staff.

Sometimes the time for growth is later

Sometimes the time for growth is later. After you have better systems, accountability, and process in place - not before (which can drive new hires crazy).

Three Reasons Why High Performers Quit

I thought I would share with you three reasons why high performers quit their jobs. And no it has nothing to do with the lack of cool t-shirts or free beer.

The grass is always greener

You hear everyone talking about looking for a new job - mostly looking for a spot with greener grass. But the grass is always greener where you water it.

I’m not looking to hire the best talent anywhere I can find them

I know a lot of folks say they want to hire the best staff they can find. My approach is different. Here's why.

Five Tips for Virtual Teams and working Remote

Here are five tips I shared with the folks at WordCamp Romania (#wcr14) about managing virtual teams.

The most significant employee engagement tool you can use

There's been recent talk about employee engagement tools. Here's the one you already have that is the most effective in engaging staff.