When WordPress Site Prices Get Too High…

What happens when WordPress site prices get too high? Is that even possible? I think it is - because I'm a believer in value-based pricing. Here's my take.

Things I hate: Cost-Plus Pricing

On my short list of things I hate, here's one about pricing - cost-plus pricing. I hate it, mostly because it's selfish. There, I said it.

My Approach to Estimating without Requirements [Video]

Estimating without requirements isn't easy. It's even worse if you're using a 3-point approach incorrectly. Here's my approach, and how I use it to differentiate me from others (while reinforcing my experience).

Courses, Membership Sites, WordPress & EU VAT

If you're hosting an online course, membership sites, or selling eBooks, VAT might apply to you, as it did to me. So here are a few tips and resources.

My site will be changing… all because of VAT

My site will be changing...all because of VAT - here are the details of changes that are to come.

Pricing your Services: a tip from Best Buy

If you're a freelancer or service-oriented business that struggles with pricing your services, this tip from Best Buy might help you.

People aren’t paying for your time, They’re paying for theirs

A phone call where someone's paying for my time Today I got on a call using Clarity – the service where people schedule a call to talk to me and get answers and advice. I had an idea of what the ...

When is it worth selling lifetime or unlimited plans?

Sometimes lifetime or unlimited plans can make sense. But only sometimes. And it means you have to do some math homework to know if it's a good idea.

Building a WordPress eCommerce site? Don’t worry about renewal fees

I often hear people (building WordPress eCommerce sites) worry about the price of plugins & extensions. Especially the renewal fees. Don't.

Pricing Lessons Everywhere

You can step into a store, read the paper, play a videogame or more and you'll soon realize that you can see pricing lessons everywhere.