Choose Value over Price

When you need to select a WordPress developer to help you get your site live, choose value over price. The lowest bidder isn't the way to go.

WordPress is not Free

A new version of WordPress is being released With the release of WordPress 3.5 we'll see two things: people falling in love with the media tools, and a fresh group of new WordPress users who catch the excitement and want ...

Priming: Our Brains are not Computers

Our brains are not computers as much as we wish they were. Here's a quick explanation on Priming and how you might be able to use it.

Disagreement as an Expectations Management Technique

You already know the trick to successful projects is expectations management. I agree, and raise you the notion of strategic disagreements.

Three Strategies for WordPress Project Quoting to Protect You

I don't charge hourly. Here are three strategies I use to make sure I never lose my shirt – which is the core reason why people still like to charge hourly.

Why I never charge Hourly for WordPress work

Every now and then I hear questions about how people charge for web design, WordPress work, graphic design or photography. I don't charge hourly. Ever.

Don’t Confuse Pricing And Revenue Strategies

Pricing is something you set and hope your clients pay. Revenue is more - and holds all the assumptions of your business model. Plan wisely. And don't confuse them.

Silence: The Power of the Pause

I'm an extrovert. I like to talk. Silence isn't natural to me. I think my opinions and ideas are important. But this can really be a challenge or obstacle if you're selling. Now truth be told – I've never held ...

Discount Pricing for Early Registration isn’t Helping

I just finished the early registration process at Google for the Google I/O conference and soon you'll hear how fast it closed up. Two years ago it took 90 days to fill up all the spots. Last year it took ...

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