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Helping You Message Better I have written a lot, over the last few months, on how to help you message effectively. It's about how you articulate your domain expertise. It's about learning to tell stories effectively. I have shared with ...

Building a New Product? The Trick is Niching Down.

Let's say we were getting into the eCommerce product space… Imagine I was getting into the eCommerce product space. The first advice I'd give myself would all be about niching down. Because, after all, it's the first advice I'd give ...

We can grasp valuable insights from pricing experiments

Yesterday I wrote about pricing pages. But I didn't address the elephant in the room – which is pricing. Pricing is hard. Thankfully, we don't have to do our own research to learn a ton from pricing experiments that have ...

3 second-mover advantages: benefits of late market entry

The stress of not being a market pioneer Let's talk second-mover advantages. It comes up regularly when talking with people about new products. Especially in the WordPress ecosystem, people regularly ask the question. Are all the good product ideas already ...

What’s harder than writing code?

Coding a WordPress plugin is hard I know that people like to say that everything in WordPress is easy. It's not true. Many things are difficult when it comes to WordPress. Developing a following who read your blog—that's hard. Getting ...

Marketing your Software Product? Here are five things to remember

What if there was a template to follow for marketing your software product? It would be nice, wouldn't it? Unfortunately, the people who are great at it don't tell you their secrets and the people who tell you their secrets ...

How do you name your product?

As I look at products in the WordPress space, I wonder if it's time to move past purely descriptive names. So I ask: How do you name your product?

The product challenge you’re facing isn’t what you think it is

I know what most people think their product challenge is. And they have it all wrong. It's not what they think it is. In fact, it's really different.

If you think you don’t need segmentation, you’re wrong.

I'll be honest with you, too many people think they don't need segmentation homework. They want to work on other things. And they're wrong. Completely.

Notifications from your WordPress powered app

If you're building a WordPress powered app, then this little plugin may help you solve a notifications issue quickly. It's a neat little find.

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