Product Pricing

Courses, Membership Sites, WordPress & EU VAT

If you're hosting an online course, membership sites, or selling eBooks, VAT might apply to you, as it did to me. So here are a few tips and resources.

When is it worth selling lifetime or unlimited plans?

Sometimes lifetime or unlimited plans can make sense. But only sometimes. And it means you have to do some math homework to know if it's a good idea.

You’re the only one who can determine value

Value is in the eye of the beholder. We all know that. But sometimes we're called to determine value. That time is now.

Pricing Lessons Everywhere

You can step into a store, read the paper, play a videogame or more and you'll soon realize that you can see pricing lessons everywhere.

What about selling themes without support, or a la carte?

If you're selling themes, you may have thought about trying to do it without support. Here's my take on why that will fail. Just my take.

Four mistakes WordPress theme vendors make

Continuing in this series, here are four mistakes WordPress theme vendors often make. Not you. Other people. But it may help to quickly review them. You know, just in case.

What are you paying for when you buy GPL themes and plugins?

I've suggested themes may end up costing more. But if these are GPL themes, shouldn't they be free? Here's my take.

What should a WordPress theme cost? [Opinion]

We've been talking about themes a lot recently. So here's my take on the question of what should a WordPress theme cost. It's my take. An opinion.

What happens if WordPress themes get more expensive?

There's been a lot of talk and question about WordPress themes and their prices. Here's my take on what happens if prices go up.

More thoughts on the future of WordPress Themes

There's been a lot of talk of the commoditization of WordPress Themes. Here are some additional thoughts on the future of WordPress themes.