Designing New Products? Try Constraints!

What if you could create an information product (you know, like an eBook) in a single sitting? Crazy, isn't it? But I just recently watched a webinar where the presenter explained how he did it. His rationale? Once he got ...

Helping People Send You Better, Action-Oriented Emails

Action-oriented emails help you get more done while doing less. More importantly, they empower your staff. Here's what they are and how they work.

Creating the best Customer Onboarding Process

How do you learn? One of the conversations I enjoy the most is one I regularly have with freelancers about learning and mastery. The core of my question always comes down to this: “How do you learn best?” More often than ...

Work less And make more money: is that really possible?

I find this topic of pricing fascinating I didn't realize it until today as I was updating a couple of pricing posts, but this will be the 41st article I've written on pricing in the last few years. If you've never ...

The iPad Pro Surface Book Comparison

I picked up an iPad Pro yesterday and thought I'd share my thoughts in comparison to the Surface Book. Yesterday was the big day! The iPad Pro was available and I immediately grabbed one. I remember on the day that ...

The Developer’s Dilemma: Efficiency or Expertise?

I think everyone faces the developer's dilemma if they've been working with WordPress for a while. Do you just get good with your tools? Or race after all the new stuff?

Procrastinate Strategically

It's not about saying no to something. It's about saying not yet. That's what it means (to me) to procrastinate strategically.

Time Management Reality: We each have 24 hours a day

We each have 24 hours each day. So time management doesn't really exist. Time will keep passing. All the time. So here's what you can do.

Here’s my “Getting Things Done” Secret

As I'm finalizing my talk for Pressnomics, I thought I would share at least 1 of my getting things done tips for folks (including those who won't be there.)

Three time management tips for higher productivity

Are you struggling with your time management routines? Here are three of my tricks to help you.

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