Now, update multiple WordPress sites at once (from your phone)

If you use iThemes Sync, you can update multiple WordPress sites at once - from your iPhone

Innovation is a group activity

A few years ago there was a great video produced, based on the TED talk by Stephen Johnson, entitled, “Where do good ideas come from?” If you missed it, here it is again. Innovation requires collision What Johnson focuses on ...

Big Rocks First

The story goes like this. A professor walks to the front of the room with a large glass jar—the kind that you'd make iced tea in (and could serve a family for a couple of days). His students all watch ...

Embrace Destruction

We all get comfortable. It's natural. But to keep getting better and better, you need to learn to embrace destruction: the destruction of your comfort.

The Worst Appliance in your Home for your Personal Development

Apple announced the new iPhones and shared about the camera on it. It says more about us than Apple. Here's why and how it impacts our personal development.

Four things you can’t learn while running your business

Here are four things you can't learn while running your business - be it startup or freelance.

Taking calculated risks and chances

The formula is simple. Hard work, hard work, hard work - and then LEAP. But that's what taking calculated risks is all about. Being prepared to take a jump.

Check out this Time Tracking Plugin

It really doesn't get easier to do time tracking with your team. Here's a WordPress plugin worth looking at - Check out Time Tracker by 9seeds.

Are you tracking your time?

Are you debating whether it's worth tracking your time? Here are three reasons to get started soon.

Procrastinate for Greater Productivity

Most people think that it's a poor choice to procrastinate. I disagree. In the right situations, letting time do the work is a great idea.