Why wait for permission? Bootstrappers get things done.

Why wait for permission? Bootstrappers get things done - they don't wait around for people to tell them their idea is ok, or that they're allowed to start.

I use email templates to say No… and other things

Let me introduce you to the power of an email template. It will make you consistent and keep you calm.

Do you have a NOT TO DO list?

Everyone I know has to do lists. But do you have a not to do list? Because that's where you're wasting most of your time - doing things you shouldn't be.

Scaffolding: Nothing Good Comes Easy

High performers who pursue mastery do it by leveraging the art of scaffolding.

You need Productive Downtime

If you wan to be a high performer, you need to know when to get your rest. I call it my productive downtime and for me it's from 3-4 pm. When's yours?

Is it Actionable?

Are you communicating in a way that engages others? Here are some quick tips to communicate in a way that's more actionable.

5 Steps to High Productivity

How do you get so much done? The answer to that question is that a) I don't sleep a lot, and b) I follow 5 simple steps. Here are my productivity tips.

Speeding up your Development: Using WordPress as a Platform

You can start a development project using whatever framework you like, from .net to ruby on rails, but few offer as much as using WordPress as a platform. Here's a story about one such project.

Are You to Blame for your Team’s Productivity?

Sometimes team productivity is less about hard work and more about context. These three books and three suggestions may help you out.

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