Project Management

Stop preventing scope creep – you’re leaving money on the table

People always tell me they hate scope creep. Me? I love it. So here are three reasons you should stop preventing scope creep right away!

Creating the best Customer Onboarding Process

How do you learn? One of the conversations I enjoy the most is one I regularly have with freelancers about learning and mastery. The core of my question always comes down to this: “How do you learn best?” More often than ...

Demonstrating Progress on Website Projects

Demonstrating progress was easy. In the old days, when I would work on a website project, there were some natural phases to the work I did. Your process may have been different, but mine went something like this. Phase One: ...

Project Management lessons from an IKEA shopping trip

This past weekend I walked into IKEA and within 60 minutes I was out the exit with less than I had planned to purchase, no extraneous purchases, and under budget. No small miracle. As I announced this on twitter last ...

Have you started to automate website testing?

Isn't it time to automate website testing? It doesn't matter who I talk to when it comes to building websites or software—there's never enough time to test everything. That's not to say that companies aren't testing software—because they are. But when ...

Developers: The Owner Is You

We now explore my team's role in complex environments. I use sports metaphors, but tell them something is different. "The owner is you."

Developers: We’re travel guides or explorers

Software developers like to think like engineers, but in the work we do, it's rarely engineering per se. It's more about being travel guides.

Developers: We’re not building chairs or fixing cars

Over the course of this week, I'll be writing daily emails to my team at Crowd Favorite (the developers). My hope is that they'll challenge my team while also giving them insights into how I think about things. The reality, ...

Project Managers, these are for you

This is a series of videos for Project managers that I've been recording for some of my staff.

No one cares about your process (initially)!

I don't mean this in a way that makes you feel bad. I'm simply saying that your focus should be on something else - your prospect's decision criteria.

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