Saying No

Client’s Bad Ideas: Obey or Say No?

Every client you know has bad ideas. But what do you do when you hear them? Obey? Reject? Here's what I do, and more importantly, here's why.

I say no a lot, and 14 other quick lessons

I found an old podcast that quickly shared 15 key things to think about (before starting projects, sites, or startups). They include my fav: I say no.

I say no to promoting your (unknown) product

You hope I'll promote your unknown product. But you don't know me. If you did, you'd know I say no a lot. Like now.

Stop making money off other people (rant)

Just say no to getting ripped off. Say no to people making money off you rather than with you.

10,000 hours to develop expertise… for what?

I don't know if you've seen the video below, and I don't normally write posts that just share a video, but because I spend a lot of time in meetings, and because I've spent twenty years developing specific expertise around product development, this video cracked me up.

Saying No to RFPs (The “No” Series)

I am known for saying no a lot. So it's no surprise that you'll find me saying no to RFPs either. Join me in the NO series.

Want more money? Be choosy

If you want to earn more money, you need to learn to be choosy. You can't just go saying yes to every offer than comes in. Trust me.

Saying no a lot Takes Practice

You know I want you to learn to say no. But it's no secret that it's not always natural. Saying no a lot takes practice.

Join the Movement: Say No a Lot

Isn't it time you joined the movement? If you practice, and suit up, you can say no a lot, just like me. Here's how to get started.

I Say No to Rev Share Deals (the “No” series)

I say no to rev share deals because most often they don't make any sense. They're pitched as ways to ask me for free service with some hope on the back end. But we all know hope isn't a strategy.

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