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Events Calendar Pro: Small, Fast and Easy

When you need a simple and easy to use events calendar for WordPress, there's really only one choice: Events Calendar Pro.

Slider Performance: Soliloquy vs WooSlider

If you want to talk about slider performance, there's no better comparison than these two sliders for WordPress: Soliloquy vs WooSlider.

Integrating Gravity Forms with Basecamp (and 210 other web services)

Integrating Gravity Forms with web services (like BaseCamp) has just gotten much, much easier - because of a single service (Zapier) and a new add-on.

Newsletters in WordPress: Use SendGrid or Mandrill

If you're pushing out newsletters in WordPress? Here are some delivery tips and a few plugins to check out.

There’s a reason why Gravity Forms is the best WordPress plugin ever

Gravity Forms continues to be the best WordPress plugin ever because it does what other high performers do - it keeps upping its game. It keeps improving. Check out my review of the upcoming 1.7 release.

Five WordPress Job Board Solutions to Check Out

I've been sharing how WordPress can be used as an application framework. Here's 6 examples of WordPress job boards you'll want to check out.

Comparing Premium Sliders for WordPress by Performance

If you were comparing premium sliders for WordPress by performance, which one would win? Which would load the fastest or make the least amount of calls?

The Great Formidable Pro And Gravity Forms Comparison

If you've been on my site, you have heard about Formidable Pro as a worthy form builder. Here's my official evaluation with a Gravity Forms comparison.

The Best PopUp WordPress Plugin!

Wondering which is the best popup WordPress plugin? I'm happy to tell you, after trying many different ones.

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