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See The WP Weekly Awards?

Today the WP Weekly awards announced their winners on several categories. And this blog came in second place – the Silver medal, if you will. Remember this ad from Avis? It's how I felt taking the second spot. There's no way anyone beats WP Beginner. I'm pretty sure we all know that.

So really, I'm in first after WP Beginner. And that's saying something for a one-person blog that isn't my full time work.

Today is day 350 of the year. This is the 350th blog post of the year. And maybe the first this year that doesn't have a helpful tip for you.

I'm simply celebrating. A post every day this year. And a silver medal. In a tough and competitive space.

Thanks to everyone who voted and every one of you that has visited this year and read my posts. I appreciate all of you.

(Also, did you see LearnDash took first place in its category?)