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Fluent Support Brings Help Desk Software to WordPress

If you read yesterday's post, you likely caught the mention of Fluent Support in there. Well, it's live today, and I can't wait for you to check it out. It's incredibly powerful. In fact, I tell you the things I like most in my quick summary below.

Here's My Quick Review

My quick 3 min take. Click on the video to watch.

They're Running a Lifetime Deal (LTD)

The crazy thing about launches is that you have to make them so spectacular that you end up doing crazy things. Like offering a 50% discount for a single lifetime. That's insane.

Most people don't need more than a single license, which is on sale right now (as I publish this post, not as you read this post) for $99. One time. That's crazy.

If you need more, they have 5 and 50 site licenses, and both have one-time 50% discounts. Check it out.

The Most Important Thing about Fluent Support

I mentioned this yesterday and I'll bring it up again. Fluent Support is one of several plugins the team has created (like their CRM) that allow you to run a product on your own hosting instead of buying a SaaS.

Normally I'm against this.

The reason I've been against it for years is that the WordPress versions are slow and bloated. Why would I want to host a poor replica of a SaaS on my own hosting (where I have to manage it)?

But FluentCRM and Fluent Support are different.

Having run each on different sites at Nexcess for days or weeks, I've constantly monitored the performance impact on my sites.

The great news is that Fluent Support (and FluentCRM) don't slow down my sites at all.

They're fast and functional. That's a sweet spot when it comes to building software, and the team knows what it's doing.

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