Three time management tips for higher productivity



This last week Chris Brogan was the host of the Dradcast. Each is awesome. Put together? Maybe their best and most interesting show ever!

Towards the tail end of the show, they talked about time management and referenced me and my naps. Whether you know it or not, I'm thrilled to be known for being a nap-taker.

But I don't want to only be known for being a guy that likes to sleep in the middle of the day. I want my friends, employees and business partners to know that they can count on me to get things done.

It's all about execution, right? All the great ideas in the world won't mean much if they never get accomplished.

It's why I wrote my eBook on high performance cultures: Done Done.

Chris Brogan actually wrote a review:

“What Lema has done here is written a really good book with a lot of thoughts that will hit straight home. He's done his research. He's put out a book that a mainstream publisher will shortly kick him or herself for not picking up and spreading even further in print.”

Time Management Tips

I find that the issue with people and time is that they waste most of their time. Hopefully this helps. And if it does, let me know in the comments below.