Using ZipMessage & FluentCRM Together


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I am so excited to show you this thing I figured out yesterday and I don't normally go into all the details of how these things work mostly because I think they're somewhat technical and somewhat boring but this is so awesome that I thought I gotta show you. I figured out how to get ZipMessage & FluentCRM talking to each other.

The Coaching Form On My Site

Let's start at my website on the coaching page and that coaching page has a form where people can raise their hand and say they're kind of interested in coaching. So they fill out this information.

When we go onto the backend of my site you'll see we're using Fluent Forms. And one of the things you'll see is there's an integration to FluentCRM. So in the CRM this form puts all the information a prospect just gave me.

Notice the two tags at the bottom that are added to the CRM record.

Now you'll notice that it also adds a couple tags in with that record. When they complete the form, two things happen – first it gets put into the CRM with those two tags, and secondly, the form routes them to my coaching intake page on ZipMessage.

Using ZipMessage Intake Pages

As I mentioned above, the first step is to send people from the form to my intake form on ZipMessage. I do that in Fluent Forms after the form is submitted.

When they get there, they're shown my intake introduction video and are allowed to post their own reply.

Remember that tag I added to the contact in my CRM? It was “no-intro-video.” So what do you think happens if they click “create a message?” That's when Zapier helps connect ZipMessage & FluentCRM.

Zapier Connects ZipMessage & FluentCRM

ZipMessage supports, at the right plan, the use of Zapier and it is fantastic because it lets me stipulate that the trigger is a new conversation in ZipMessage, but also use a filter to only proceed if the intake page (the specific one for coaching) is used.

Then I take the person's email and I use that to go back, via webhooks, to my website and FluentCRM and add a new tag, “yes-intro-video.”

Lastly, the FluentCRM Automation

The final step is the automation that fires when a new prospect is added to the CRM. It's always added with the “no-intro-video” tag. But after three hours, there's another check. That check is to see if the “yes-intro-video” tag has been placed by Zapier. And if so, it eliminates the “no-intro-video.” If not, it sends a reminder to the coaching prospect.

Of course you can make it more complicated. But the point of the post and the video at the top, is to show you how cool this all is – without any coding at all. I love that!

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