Where to find WordPress developers that are agreeable, affordable, and available

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where to find WordPress developerseLance, oDesk & Freelancer haven't always worked

Every week, I get a question – about 10 times a week – and at the core of the question is always the same premise:

Do you know where to find WordPress developers that are agreeable (not jerks), affordable (not $150/hr), and available (not scheduling me 6 months out)?

When you read the details, they've all tried the same places:

  • eLance
  • oDesk
  • Freelancer

And the stories I read highlight how hit and miss the process is – based on how well someone can interview people.

But let's be honest – if you are deciding you can't do the work yourself, and you need to hire out, how well will you do at interviewing resources with the right skills?

One Approach is that you change the relationship

Instead of looking for someone who you only plan to use once, and then have to go looking for someone else a few months later, you can check out service-based companies that can help you:

I won't get too into that approach because I already wrote about it.

Another is to try a different marketplace

If you don't succeed at eLance, oDesk and Freelancer, that doesn't mean all marketplaces are horrible.

Here are two I trust much more:

You can find resources that can help you with themes, plugins and even develop new things for you.

Or you can do what I do

I take a much longer view on the subject of finding agreeable, affordable and available WordPress developers.


  • Because the really great ones are super busy.
  • Because it's really hard to differentiate between agreeable and people saying yes to anything to make a buck.
  • Because when they get super awesome, they also can get somewhat expensive.

Now, to be clear, when I really need something complex done, I likely look for the expensive ones and even overpay a bit – it's like buying a house that's in demand.There's no Nash equilibrium here.

But, outside of that nuance, I don't go looking for amazing WordPress developers.

I build them

The resources I use to develop amazing WordPress developers

The other day on WP Think Tank, Jake Goldman, CEO of 10up highlighted that a challenge of our is finding truly great talent.

And he's right. Especially because he seems very focused on hiring ALL OF THEM. And if he's slow, WebDev Studios does.

So I go where they're not looking.

  • I have hired people from the marketplaces.
  • I have hired people straight out of school (with no experience).
  • I have hired people in other countries.
  • I have hired people just getting started with WordPress.

And you know what I do?

I spend a couple weeks paying for their time without asking them to build any production code. Then I go further and I spend a little more money (Pippin sells access for $60/year).

And I ask them to read every. single. thing. that Pippin writes.

Every. single. thing. that is on paulund.co.uk.

Every. single. thing. that Tom McFarlin writes.

Every. single. thing. that Thomas Griffin writes.

And while these resources aren't clones of those three amazing developers, I can tell you what does happen after a few weeks of reading and trying things.

They skip all the mistakes that I don't want to pay for.

So next time you're thinking about finding amazing resources, ask yourself if you can build one instead of buying one. It might be fun.