WooCommerce Coupons and Automatic Discounts


A friend of mine is getting ready to do a product launch. He's using WooCommerce so it made sense for us to chat and the topic I focused on was coupons and automatic discounts. You see that yellow banner at the top of the page? That's what we're going to talk about. But before we do that, there's another trick to get started with – and it's automatic discounts.

Automatic Discounts

First, before I create any coupons, I love automatic discounts. Why? Because the moment you start using coupons, you're begging customers to leave and go look around the internet for coupon codes. As a result, you lose that traffic you spent so much time chasing.

So the first thing I do for product launches when using WooCommerce is to install Discount Rules Pro. It results in that yellow bar you see in the middle of the product page – giving everyone automatic discounts of 10%!

The work to create that rule is really easy. You create a storewide discount for all products and make it a percentage-based rule. You can even get more restrictive and only allow it for first-time buyers (as you'll see below).

You'll see I added one more thing and that's the discount bar, that shows it in the middle of the product details to highlight that a discount has been automatically applied.

WooCommerce Coupons

The next step is to create two coupons. Two? Yes, because I want to switch between them based on who is coming to my store (and where they're coming from). I'm going to be creating two coupons that are additive to the 10% discount (for first time buyers only), so I choose 20% and 50% discounts and apply them with special codes.

What you likely noticed in the top image is that there's only one banner. In other words, only one coupon will be displayed. The trick is to dynamically determine which text to show, and that's when we have to talk about another plugin I've told you about before.

LogicHop Makes Everything Easy

I've told you about LogicHop before when I asked you what you were doing with regards to the changing privacy dynamics online. Last time I showed you how behavioral tracking worked and what you could do with it.

Today I want to use UTM codes to dynamically adjust that banner you see at the top of the page.

Now if you don't know what a UTM code, it's a bit of text you add to the URL that you paste in places like Twitter (in this example), and it lets you better manage the attribution data of your campaigns. In other words, you know where people came from.

It's not specific to the individual but it's often used for reporting to tell you how many people came from your twitter or facebook campaign.

But we're going to use it differently. We're going to look at the inbound traffic, and if it comes with specific UTM codes, we're going to change the banner text.

What am I trying to do? I want people coming from Twitter (where I plan to launch this campaign) to get a better discount than everyone else.

Here's how we do that…

First we start with creating the condition. Here's where I put the UTM parameters I'm looking for.

After that, I create a Logic Block that lets me use that condition so I can create two versions of the text. This is where you can see my use of both WooCommerce coupons I already created.

In other words, for the launch, if a user doesn't come from a Twitter campaign with a special url, they see the 20% discount. But if they do, well then, they get the special discount code (50% off).

This is just one campaign concept

You could do the very same thing with different UTM codes and difference coupons for emails you send to customers, traffic you send from general facebook, traffic from FB Groups, and more.

When LogicHop sees the UTM codes, it can tweak the text to do anything you want. And the moment that customer hits your page, they see exactly what you want them to. It's kind of an amazing thing.

Coupons and Automatic Discounts

As I shared with my buddy, every launch has to have a reason to attract attention. Places like twitter can work great, but you don't need to give away a great discount to everyone, even when they might be happy with a different deal. That's why this approach gives you an automatic 10% off, a 20% off deal if you type in the coupon code, and a 50% off deal if you have the right link.

It's some of the power and fun you can leverage if you're using WooCommerce.