E-Learning on WordPress Made Easy

Chris Lema

I often work with people who are just getting ready to pursue their dreams. Whether it’s starting a company, just starting to take a hobby more seriously, dreaming about being on their own again, or being hip deep in a new tech start-up, I’m game to help if people want the advice and are willing to do the work. For the last few years I’ve been developing course material for a program I call “Leveraging Trust” and it’s all about finding the center of who you are, and your experience, so that you can develop products and services from the position of a trusted advisor.

My Target

Recently, I’ve started thinking about putting this program online at a cheaper rate, so that some people could walk thru the program on their own before meeting with me. And this is, in short, what an e-learning course would be. A simple way for people to:

  1. Sign Up
  2. Pay a fee
  3. Get access to the first module
  4. Watch videos and download handouts
  5. Mark that step as complete
  6. Get access to the next module
  7. Rinse and repeat

This should be easy….

Years ago, seriously in 1995, I built one of the first online educational systems at Berkeley Lab (and even demonstrated it to a group of guys that would later build Blackboard). So I’ve watched as learning management systems (LMS) have risen and sank on the promises of ease: ease of use & ease of development. From my perspective, nothing is easier than doing e-learning on WordPress. So I thought I’d give it a go and build this version of Leveraging Trust (coming soon!) in WordPress as an online course.

While there are options for using BuddyPress, and a plugin for BuddyPress, it seemed like a lot of configuration and I feared that meant a lot of upkeep. So I went a different route.

So here are my 20 steps.

Step One: Get a good & free Membership plugin

I’ve written about memberships a bit before, and so many great people write so much about them that I don’t really focus there. But here’s the main thing you should know. Other than Justin Tadlock’s version, most others are overly complex – even when (and maybe especially when) they’re free. But to satisfy the curious, let me make sure you know the ones I own and have tried:

So we’re clear: I bought each of these (that had cost) and tested them all out. Just for you. Ok, back to the message….

And the last one and maybe only one you need:

 Step Two: Create a Membership Level

You can see that with only 5 tabs, this must be the easiest membership plugin known to mankind. Most of them have 10-15 tabs, which can be daunting. And what’s nice here is that you can create a membership level that acts like a course. So each level can function as a course you are selling. Some plugins don’t work this way. This post isn’t about those other plugins, but let me just say, Paid Membership Pro works exactly as I hoped it would – letting me charge people to get access to my content. You see here that you can fill in some quick basics and then put down a price (note: this price is a sample – at 10% the normal cost of the program). It also lets you mark it as a subscription course if you like, and determine if it membership will expire.

Step Three: Hit Save

Did you like that? Sure, I could have said you had to create pages that would support your membership program, but that takes a lot of space and Paid Memberships Pro does it for you. I like this approach, so I just went to the bottom of the page and clicked “save”.

Step Four: Configure Payments

I know we’re only four steps in but have you noticed how each step is taking literally seconds? That’s why I’m positive that you can create this entire course in less than 20 minutes if you have your content ready.

Step Five: Configure Email

I’m not sure you even need a lot of words other than – fill in your name and email. I bet you can do it in 20 seconds!

Step Six: Configure Messages

Whenever someone doesn’t have access to the course, you’re going to want to tell them something. Here’s your chance. Edit the message if you like. For me, it was almost perfect. No time wasted at all. I did, however, decide to make sure that a non-member couldn’t see anything, not even an excerpt. That’s one of the drop downs below.

Step Seven: Configure Discount Codes

If you think you’re going to see my discount codes so you can get this program cheaper, you have another thing coming! For you, sure I’ll get you a code. Just sign up on the right, so you are getting my notices sent to your inbox and you’ll see when I do specials. Plus, I like you. I really really like you.

Notice that I didn’t mark anything or hit save. Alas, that is a fake code. But what I like is that Paid Memberships Pro auto-creates ones for you. Nice.

Step Eight: Buy WP Courseware

By now you’ve noticed that you’ve created an entire membership site on your site without spending a penny. So now it’s time to make you pay up. But here’s the thing, this plugin – WP Courseware – from Fly Plugins, is priced at $67 for a single site. That’s a deal for what you’re going to see.

Once you buy it, upload it to your site (Plugins > Add New) and activate it. That simple.

Step Nine: Create a Course

We’re finally getting to the good stuff. But guess what? This is as easy as the other steps you’ve taken already.

You’ll need a name for your course and a description. Now, I like the “Only Completed/Next Units Visible” because it means sequential delivery (of sorts). But you can pick either approach. Also, I mark “automatic” for all users to get access, since I don’t need this plugin to do access for me. Paid Memberships Pro will do that when we give the right user access to the right launch page.

Step Ten: Courses have Modules

If you were to break up your course into steps, phases or parts, this is what a module is. It’s a name and it has a course it belongs to. It’s also the container for your teaching units. Since Leveraging Trust has 9 parts, I started creating some of them.

Step Eleven: Add your Content

This is literally what you’ve been waiting for. Now is when you create a unit – don’t worry that you don’t see any way to connect it to your modules or courses. Just create your unit like you’d write a post.

I want to take a second to talk about how I use video in this program. I know YouTube does some great stuff. But to date, I’ve not been able to ensure that only certain people have access to my videos. Namely, I don’t want non-students to get my content because this represents years of work and I don’t want to give it away. So I use Vimeo. And what I love about Vimeo is that with a Pro account, I can determine which URLs (domains) my videos can be played from (or embedded). Since chrislema.com is on the list, if you were in this course you could watch it. But you can’t find it on Vimeo directly or via search. You can’t get it from my site. You can’t watch it any other way, than in this course, which is protected by Paid Memberships Pro.

Create all the units you want (or need).

Step Twelve: Connect Units to Modules & Courses

Now you’ll want to go back to the list of courses. When you do, you’ll see a button that offers you to edit units and modules. It’s a drag & drop screen that lets you maneuver the modules into any order you like, as well as assign units to the modules (by again, dragging & dropping them into the green containers).

Are you timing yourself. By my watch, we’re only 15 minutes into this (the longest being the time it took to go buy that plugin).

Step Thirteen: Create your Course Launch Page

This is the point in the 20 steps where you’ll connect Paid Memberships Pro with WP Courseware. It’s really simple. You start by creating a page, just like any other time. Only on this page, you’re going to want to drop a shortcode that automatically places your course curriculum on it. This page’s url is the one that you’d send out in the confirmation email from PMP for this membership level. It’s a page that you’ll also protect (look on the right and check the box so that WordPress knows this page needs to be protected). Seriously, e-learning on WordPress has never been this easy before.

Step Fourteen: Confirm that the Course Launch Page is Working

Smart people check their work. You’re smart. What can I say? But you likely haven’t added yourself to this membership group that you created, so here’s what you’ll see.

Step Fifteen: Add yourself to this Membership Level

Don’t you love testing. Now you know it’s working. So go to your user, and in the user details, you can add yourself to this membership level. Then go back to that page. Here’s what you should see.

Notice how only the first unit has a link. The rest aren’t linked up yet because of that setting that I marked to sequentially release the units. But you could change your setting if you want.

Additionally WP Courseware comes with a widget that lets you put course progress in the sidebar if you want.

Step Sixteen: Test Purchasing

So log back out, and go to the url. You’ll see that earlier screen from Step Fourteen. Click on the registration, and you’ll see the list of memberships (or course) that you can buy. Click on the “I want…” link for the next step.

Step Seventeen: Create a Member

Now that you’ve clicked on “I want…” you’ll get to the registration screen. You’ll be creating a new user, as well as giving them the membership role needed to get access to the course.

Step Eighteen: Pay

I love how you’re flying thru these steps. It takes me longer to write them and you to read them, than for you to do them. But let’s do this…(on your own site)…Fill in your payment details and sign up. If you’re using Stripe, it doesn’t take you off the page. I already wrote why I started using Stripe, so if you’re not using Stripe, go get yourself an account.

Step Nineteen: Enjoy Unit One

If you’ve done everything right, you should be able to see the confirmation link that takes you to the launch page that lets you see unit one that has a link that lets you in to see the special video content that can only be seen on this page. Say that fast without breathing. It makes you giddy. As it should!

Step Twenty: Monitor Progress

Assuming that you’ve finished your own unit one, and marked it complete, there’s one more cool thing to check out. That’s when you go to your user screen. Now you’ll see all the students and exactly where they are in the course journey.


Check your watch. Did it take you more than 20 minutes? If it did, try the steps again, now that you’re a bit more comfortable. I bet you can do it in less than 20 minutes. It did over here. But my point wasn’t just about time. It was to show you that e-learning on WordPress didn’t have to be complicated with a bunch of coding effort.

Could you do more? Absolutely. Both Gravity Forms and Formidable Pro let you create quizzes – though Gravity Forms hasn’t released theirs yet and FormidablePro doesn’t do as much as Gravity Forms. But WP Courseware is looking at adding even more to it’s plugin. So it’s an area to keep watching.

But now you know. So what you do is up to you.

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  1. Chris, excellent post – thanks for this. We’ve been looking for something similar for our iThemes Education program as teachers ask for this type of thing.

    Quick question: re: Formidable Pro and the quiz grading … is that an add-on or part of the plugin? I’ll be hitting up Carl at Gravity Forms to see if they have something similar.

    • Cory, It is part of the plugin. I’ll write an article about it, but what you do is create questions that are multiple choice. Then you split the answer labels from the values. In values you place a number (like 1) for the correct answer and a 0 in the wrong choices. Lastly, you create a read-only text field that does a calculation where you sum all the fields (sounds strange but it works) and you get a total that you can show immediately. Or use in an email, etc.

      Does my description of it make sense?

      • An Excellent post indeed! I am planning to launch my own e-learning website in the near future and I was looking at the different options available.

        I have also checked your review of the different membership plugins, would WP Course Ware work fine with say the WPDUV membership plugin?

        Also, the information on the grading of the forms on Formidable Pro is really useful! Thanks!

  2. Chris, Can you import a list of users? Does it use the WordPress Users table or does it have it’s own separate table?

    • You can import users, like you would on any WP install. But, that won’t put them into the memberships you want, and I’m not sure it will auto-assign them to courses. I haven’t checked that out, to see what happens. While WP Courseware lets you import and export courses, it’s moving the course material (units) and modules, but not the people. The import/export ignores students (assuming that a new import will have new students).

  3. This is a seriously great post that I will be revisiting time and again, coincidentally we just released a post about WP Courseware today: http://www.wpmayor.com/articles/wp-courseware-brings-drag-and-drop-easy-to-training-course-creation-in-wordpress/

    • Just read your article and it’s great. I’m so glad you made the plugin. If not, someone would have had to, because I needed it. Can’t believe what a great price you have it at!

  4. lonnie Moseley says:

    Chris, you are amazing. I met you in one of Christina Hills, website creation workshop seminars. You informed the group about InfoGraphics. I subscribed to you immediately after that workshop. And this article is just wonderful. Wow. Thank you. Lonnie (Berkeley/Oakland, CA)

  5. Hi Chris, Thank you for your post and sharing your experience. Just your review of membership plugins alone is extremely helpful. Thank you for all you do. You rock!

  6. I checked out Vimeo Pro and noticed that Vimeo Plus has a lot of the same features for $9.95/mo or $59.99/yr. Which might be a good starting point for a lot of folks.


  7. Hi Chris. Thanks for this post. I find myself re-reading many of your posts and I like your creative style. This post rocked my world. I wanted something I could experiment with on my site, and this seems to be easy to use and low budget. Much appreciated.

  8. Chris did I tell you that I love you! I’ve been poking around word press for a while and hadn’t come across anyone who is answering my questions. Your posts are clear and to the point. I do have one question though. I got the “Membership” plug in, I got the “Course” plugin but what about the best WordPress Theme? My subject is actor’s casting. I’ll need photo galleries as well. Alisa

  9. Chris,

    I’m a newby to your blog and I’m fired up. You lay things out so clearly. I love it.

    I’m an ESL teacher in Poland and I’ve started a non-profit weekend language club. http://jezyk.pila.pl. We use strictly interactive audio lessons to build confidence and fluency and at the moment I’ve got a real ‘adhd’ filled, over bloated site built on WP with BP that no one uses. Well, they use it to listen to lessons but no one uses the BP functionality.

    I also volunteer and teach at a local HS and one of the students is doing up a template in PS for a new site. I’m working on the functionality. Other students are creating content and it’s getting pretty exciting.

    I’d like to create a gaming type site, where audio lessons are released after the previous one is completed and points, badges and awards are given. I’ve looked into some of the achievements plugins and I’m having a hard time keeping my head in a straight line to figure it all out and which would be the simplest to implement. The main trick is getting one to trigger a new audio lesson when the previous file is listened to after let’s say 20 times.

    I’m a ‘backyard’ wordpress guy who ‘knows enough to get into trouble and not enough to get out’ and posts like this make life so much easier. Especially since the adhd brain needs simplicity.

    WPMU has offered us a really nice discount on a membership if we need it but as I said this is a non-profit and I’d like to do it without the membership.

    Can you recommend a route to take? Or maybe you’ve got a write up on how to put together a gaming site or how to use achievements plugins?

    Chris, thank you for taking up more of what little time I have in the day. You’ve given my adhd another distraction although I’m looking forward to this being a ‘time creating’ distraction.

    The adhd guy

    fyi: I implemented this in less than 10 minutes. I read the article once on my S3…. Plugged my laptop into my 22″, blew up the article on it(bad eyes here). Did an fresh install on a sub domain, looked at the article to dbl check which plugin to use and went through the motions. It was so easy that I forgot to look back at the article. Thank YOU!

  10. Chris Maselli says:

    Chris, amazing post! Curious–lets say you have 4 courses you’ve created. Could a user then purchase course A today and course C tomorrow and be able to use one login to access them both…while still getting ads to buy course B and D?

    • Chris, you should be able to do that. I’m in the middle of launching my e-learning track on my site (new year) and that’s exactly what I need to do. So far, it all looks do-able.

      • Chris, just wanted to follow-up and see if this was possible. I’m using PMP to create my teaching membership site, but thought if you signed up for course #2, course #1 would be cancelled and replaced with course #2. Can one login own both at the same time–and add more? That would be great.

  11. Excellent information, thank you. Would you know if it displays correctly in a mobile and iPad?

  12. Hi Chris. GREAT article! I want to create a course consisting of a series of MP3 downloads available by autoresponder. Each week a different MP3 would be sent over a period of two months. The customer would pay a fee each month for two months of weekly content. Would the plugins you’ve suggested here work for that?

  13. Great post Chris. Thank you!

    Greetings from México.

  14. Thanks for this post, Chris!

    We’ve been looking for a solution to the whole membership-site-with-elearning conundrum and this post helped give us another answer. Your tip on WP Courseware was right on. Seems very good and easy to use–once you figure out they placed Course Units under a different button in the navigation (we’re still asking the GUI gods why?)

    One concern we seem to be running into: Locking down certain content or menus based on membership level.

    It seems PMP doesn’t really serve this? Even with Role Scoper installed, it appears PMP’s membership levels don’t run deep enough into the WordPress environment to adjust ACL rights based on PMP membership levels. s2Member levels show up (and we DELETED s2Members.. yet it’s ~still~ showing up in Role Scoper ACL controls..)

    Unfortunately, it appears we may not be able to use PMP due to the client’s desire for this level of control. Any ideas? We like PMP, but since we’ve discovered s2Members Pro also offers unlimited membership levels, we’re looking like we may have to bounce back to that format.. even though it’s harder to use.


    • S2Member levels may still show up after deleting the plugin if their plugin doesn’t clean out the db well. But that’s unrelated to PMP at all. PMP does limit access to categories of posts, but if that doesn’t do enough, you could look at Restrict Content Pro (by PippinsPlugins). It’s another one I really like. Personally, I won’t be using S2Members ever again. It was an ugly beast (even if it did work for the most part). I want simple elegance.

      • Thanks for the suggestion on Restrict Content Pro, Chris. We prefer the elegant solution as well; shortens the client’s learning curve, reduces frustration and tends to be the most stable solution. We are researching RCP now to see if it will allow us the type of control we seek.

        To muddy the waters further, BuddyPress and bbPress will be getting added to this site. Unless you know of another social-network-meets-forum-rooms plugin waiting to be discovered… 😉

        • RCP works with BuddyPress/bbPress. They have an add-on. I think you’ll like it.

        • Membership by WPMUDEV supports BP, BBPress, and more. So does MemberPress.

        • Matt,

          Your client’s requirements are starting to look more like a Frankenschool – at least in terms of bolting it together with bits and pieces of WP plugins, which is almost always a recipe for eventual disaster. Believe me, I’ve been there and done all that.

          At some point your client might be better served with a proper LMS such as Moodle.

  15. Thanks Chris for this wonderful post. Can you also provide more information on html/flash based CBT(elearning) to be added. I mean how do I add my index.html file (entire course). I am not sure whether Vimeo player will be useful for my html/flash based CBT (audio and animation)?

    • If you created flash content, you can still place the flash content on your post, but not your whole index.php. Take your flash component and place it on your post, like any other flash object.

  16. My favorite Chris,

    This is amazingly helpful. A couple questions –

    Any news on that ability to do more than one course simultaneously?
    What about integration with a general membership (forums, etc) re payment?
    Works with WooCommerce?
    Most important: What about affiliates – generating links for 3rd party sales etc?

    Thank you!!!

    • You can, if you create a new course that holds access to both. But with PMP, you can’t have two concurrent memberships. Using PMP you can easily charge, in terms of collecting payment. Since it does it’s own charging, I’m not sure that it would integrate with WooCommerce. Sensei – the new plugin from WooThemes would help you more effectively.

  17. This is amazing. I’ve been hunting for a WP based solution for weeks and tested several. WP Buddypress Courseware is dry and fiddly to use and doesn’t work well with membership plugins and has lot’s of features you don’t need but can’t turn off (without learning PhP).

    You are the man Sir.

    Paul Browning

  18. Hi Chris,

    Great post and appreciate spending time to put this great write up together. I have a question with regards to my scenario and hope you would be able to help me.

    I’m currently trying to start an e-learning site which offers :
    – several courses.[courses could have pre-requisit or not]
    – each course has a life span (need completion within 2 or 3 month)
    – each user can register for one or more courses.

    Can this scenario be handled by PMP and WP courseware? and how would you think it can be done based on your post.


  19. Chris,

    Great post and tutorial… Let me ask a thing I would be glad if you can provide a hint…. I will not charge for the courses I will give them for free when the client buys another service we provide. Do you have an indication of plugin to restric acess to specific course according to user profile?

  20. can you forego the paid memberships pro and just use WP Courseware?

  21. Great post; however, if I read the Vimeo TOS correctly, users even with paid subscriptions are not allowed to use Vimeo commercially. Of course, it seems lots of companies use Vimeo this way; I have heard of a few users getting shut down for violating the TOS.

    I searched high and low for a streaming video solution for education (i.e. not setting up a YouTube-like site or playlist-oriented site) for my self-hosted site. My requirements were the videos needed to be playable on most browsers and devices as well as IOS-based & iPads. I wanted to upload one version of the video and have the system transcode it for me into the other versions needed to play on all devices/browsers. The only thing that came close was Videopress (by Automattic)…and it does a very good job even though the product is managed and supported by Automattic in a very limited way (based on my experience talking with AutoMattic, Videopress support and directly to Matt Mullenweg about it).

    What I like about Videopress is I upload a single mp4; it transcodes it into 3 sizes and multiple formats; I insert a single shortcode, and disable the “download” feature. Users can move the player slider and the video moves to that position quickly (no downloading of the whole video). I am not charged for bandwidth, only for storage above 3GB (via a wordpress.com linked account). You can also see reports in your WordPress.com page regarding video plays.


  22. Chris, I’m wondering how using Sensei would change the process of course creation you laid out in this article? I’m guessing there would be some built in elements that you were adding through plugins, but I’m pretty new to all this.

  23. Chris, The 20 steps are real wonderful and helps up to set up the course for paid. Hope I can make it for Free also?

    I want to know which is the wordpress theme you have used? Is it available for download or can I purchase it from somewhere. Let me know.

  24. Thanks for the great article, Chris. Question: What if I want to use this system with the WP eStore plugin? I’d like my courses to appear in my store with my other products. Is there a way to do that?

  25. Thank you Chris! I literally love you for posting this since I had been a bit overwhelmed with the process xxoo

  26. Thank you, great tutorial! (I discovered your website yesterday and found all of them fantastic by the way).

    I have a few complementary questions concerning the specifics needs for my website, and wondered if the tools you presented could manage them:
    1) can videos be inserted in the end of lessons quizzes with gravity form?
    2) can other end of lessons questions replace quizzes, for example essays?
    3) does WP courseware handle certificates production when a course is completed?
    4) can right clicks and keyboard shortcodes be forbidden?
    5) (nice to have) is there a plugin that can limit the number of times a video can be played (in quizzes) to 1?

    Sorry for all the questions in one comment!
    Many thanks

  27. Chris,

    Thanks so much for such good information. I am a little new to this topic so I have a few questions I’m hoping you can answer.

    I want to set a scenario where I can offer:

    -Multiple courses (each would have a set timeline)
    -Learners could be registered for more than one course at a time
    -Learners will need a way to collaborate and interactive with each other (discussion boards/forums, profiles, surveys/polls, etc.)

    I have read both this article and your review on membership plugins but I’m a little turned around on what membership plugin would be my best option. Also, I can’t determine if I would need an additional plugin for the collaboration components and, if so, if I can keep that collaboration available only to paid viewers.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  28. Thank you!

  29. alfrednc says:

    Awesome information Chris,

    Thanks so much for it. Do you know if the plugin has a spanish translation?

  30. Is it possible to combine WP Courseware and WooCommerce to sell single courses without membership? What would that require in terms of additional plugin?

  31. Hey Chris, I really like your Blog. Thanks a lot and greetings from Switzerland!

  32. Hi Chris, great article. I am trying to include a Youtube video in the post (Unit), but it will only show the link and not the video. Any suggestion on how to show the video? Thanks.

  33. Dude… Chris! Super helpful man. I’ve been toying around with several different setups and this one looks to be the best. With a quick Zap from Zapier I can let my Infusionsoft app know about purchases from my clients as well as their subscription payments. Thanks a bunch!

  34. sunny1675 says:

    Hi Chris, this is great info. Thanks so much! I followed the instructions but after I ‘register’ to take the course, I am redirected to the home page of my site rather than the course page. Any ideas on what might be happening? I’ve gone over the directions again and again and can’t seem to figure it out. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

  35. Hi Chris, I’m a newbie here in wp, however I have been reading about what would be the best LMS for my site and I came up with Learndash, have you tried it? Is wpcourseware still best for sharing contents with students? (I need registration, courses, modules, lessons completeness, certifications, quizzes)

  36. you are the MAN !! …from far beyond the seas … I really really think you are a king !

  37. Thank you for your great tutorial .. I find this free plugin “Namaste! LMS”

    They said it is a learning management system for WordPress. Support unlimited number of courses, lessons, assignments, students etc.and it seems a replacement to ” wp courseware” but I don’t know if it support videos …would you recommend it ?

  38. Chris, do you know learndash?

  39. Hi Chris …
    Sorry to bother you one more time with my questions , I bought WP-Course ware after your advice , but today I saw a theme that claim it will do all the works of wp-courseware or even sensei , and with its use there will be no need for them or any LMS to manage the courses ,and since you are the expert , my question is what they clime true from all points ? …
    the theme name is “http://themeforest.net/item/academy-learning-management-theme/4169073” …….sorry for asking that but I think you have the right experience to judge

  40. Chris, I have not read all Comments so I apologize for my comment/question if I am being redundant. I have a real problem with this claim to programs being eLearning courseware. They are NOT. They are really all eTEACHING courseware. The problem with virtually all of American education is that the experience mimics sitting in classroom with a single presentation beam of light is being broadcast. If you are directly in line, you are fully illuminated. If you are on the edges, you are in total darkness. Sound familiar to your school experiences? This situation is such a travesty and a waste of technology. For any program to deserve being called eLEARNING it MUST have in-process assessment that features response-based (NOT question-based) scoring and subsequent branching. Every responses has different feedback and different branching if that is what it takes to make the point. This situation has driven me nuts since 1973 when I first oversaw the development of a competency-based math program as a High School Principal. Since it exposed the inadequacies of the system, I caught hell for publicizing the results – Incoming Freshman (target audience) drubbed the outgoing Seniors. You obviously are a unique talent. Do ALL of American education a favor the develop a SOLUTION. Everyone deserves to learn. We just all learn in our own way, at our own pace and, God Forbid, if we don’t “get” a lesson that has mastery level concepts in it, we are screwed for a lifetime. That is STUPID in todays world with the potential of technology to solve a HUGE problem.


    • “We all learn in our own way.” Right here is where the crux of the problem lies in education. By God, you don’t have the option in real life of insisting on “learning things your own way”. What you need, at the very beginning of your educational career, is to EQUIPPED WITH THE SKILLS NEEDED TO LEARN THINGS HOWEVER THE MATERIAL HAPPENS TO BE TAUGHT OR PRESENTED. I’m sick of this “Oooh, i’m VISUAL!”…”Ooooh, I’m AUDITORY!”…”I can’t learn THAT WAY”….”You have to cater to MY way of learning” BS.

      Life ain’t Burger King and you can’t always have it YOUR WAY.

  41. Hi Chris – this is a GREAT post – thank you so much. I got stuck on step 13 – create the course launch page. I have pasted the URL – on the product launch page i created, but the short code just appears on the screen when I log into the page – so I get this: [pmpro_confirmation] rather than the layout of the course curriculum. I’m fairly new to wordpress so much be missing something. This is the link to how far I got with it: http://expertpractitionerportal.com/e-learning-courses/optimum-energy-coach-training-level-1/

  42. does anybody know if there is a plugin for universities in order to create Careers, Quarters, schedules, courses, professors, students, groups, classrooms ? things like that?

  43. Chris,
    Wonderful post. I stumbled across wp courseware and you confirmed it will be a tool that fits my needs. I’m impressed with your layout. You’re a new inspiration for our blogging club. Thanks!

  44. You are always helping me!
    Does anyone know of the same kind of step buy step instructions for integrating Premise with WP- courseware? I know you can just use Pemis e and then embed but I really like how you can pull posts into WP courseware….anyone?

  45. I like this great article…. about making wordpress elearaning

  46. Is there an affiliate program that would integrate with this solution?

  47. Hello Chris,

    I wondered if you’d be able to advise on best solution for my scenario:

    I need to create a Free online training site for my (software) company’s customers, sales partners and staff. Ideally hosting all of the content on the one site, but hiding the content based on these different types of users.

    It would be useful to test users at the end of each module and track progress.

    I have OptimizePress theme installed on a site and we have a Wistia account that will allow us to track how effective our videos are. However I’m struggling to find a solution that will allow me to hide the content based on membership levels, while allowing self registration.
    (I could manually setup users but there are over 1,000 so I’d rather ask them to do it)

    Any ideas?

    For the content tracking I’m torn between WP courseware and Learndash.

    For the Free access with data secured based on access rights I’m looked at s2Member but not sure they hide the content?

    Looked at WooThemes but theirs seems like lots of different plugins to achieve it.

    Your Help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Update on these solutions. So I went with s2member for the free membership and secured content solution. This works really well. Allowing me to setup three separate signup forms each form applying a customer capabilities tag to set which content they can see once inside of my OptimizePress themed wordpress site.

      However I’m struggling to get LearnDash and OptimizePress to play together.

      OptimizePress uses pages and custom page templates to display training content. LearnDash on the other hand uses custom posts.

      Not being a coder I’m now stuck! So currently looking at using wpcourseware to see if this will play nice with my theme.

      Perhaps a step-by-step walk through post on integrating OptimizePress and Learndash would go down well with your readers?? 😉

      • akismet-9b71e4ca10b11e6947acfced56b08fc7 says:

        Hi Adam.
        Did you get this challenge answered? I am a OptimizePress user also, so I’m curious. Did you consider or try using the OptimizePress post template to display your training content?

        I just purchased WP Courseware and I will be working on the integration of the two, so post back if you come up with anything or worse yet, give up and use something else.

        Attn: Chris
        Per Adam’s suggestion, a step-by-step walk through post on integrating OptimizePress and WP Courseware would be great!


        • Hi

          Did you guys ever get this up and running?

          My issue is that with Optimizepress the design get wrecked with WP Courseware “I have completed this unit” button. IT.IS.EVERYWHERE.

          The button shows up in 10-15 different locations on each page, rendering it useless.

  48. Good post. However, I am frustrated as most of these membership sites offers only PayPal or authorize.net / Strip etc as payment gateway which are not allowed in India. These membership sites even no not offer a manual payment gateway! :)

  49. I applied to Braintree also but Braintree told me that Currently they are not available in India. CCavenues is the most popular in India and it supports all major Indian net banking/Debit and credit card and no one is supporting this payment gateway . I purchased Wishlist, memberpress/fast members all are useless for me! So, now, I stopped wasting money after this so called paid versions

  50. This is an amazing post and I just subscribed to your list :) Question… I have been looking through the paidmembershippro site and haven’t found the answer. Could members gift other people access to a course by using a discount code? So a user could order the course for someone else basically?

  51. Hi Chris. I have tried both BuddyPress and WP-Courseware. I eventually gave up on them as they are not that flexible. Both don’t have features that allows assignment submission. Additional plug-ins can be added to help out (including calendar) but they end up slowing down the entire experience. I tried using a WP theme for now as an interim solution. But still, they don’t have secure areas for handout storage either. It seems for serious e-learning solution, one really has to get a full-blown LMS and currently studying that option.

  52. Good post, very helpful. I am looking at achieving more or less the same thing with a small difference.
    Members are not required to pay online but their details and group membership needs to be managed via an excel / csv file upload. Suggestions as to which module I can use to handle memberships.

  53. Dear Chris, thank you for this amazing tip using a membership site, I only have one question, are you sure this solution is safe enough to keep your paid information safe? or you can recommend me a better solution, thank you.

    Best regards,

  54. I’ve read the guide on PMP and WP Courseware but I don’t get how the modules are driped?!

    I am supposed to launch a course on sunday but don’t want to let users access all modules before 2-3 weeks. The way I see it is that users can just click “I finished this module” and than access the next one. Which is not failproof.

    How can I set that the second module becomes available after the “finished first module” is clicked and 8 days have past?

  55. Quick question: If you mark “automatic” for all users to get access (Step 9) + protect only the “course launch page” (Step 13)…doesn’t that leave the individual units of that course unprotected?

    For example, what will happen if a user who doesn’t have direct access to the “course launch page” manages to get the URL of an individual unit and enters it in his/her browser…?

    Does that mean you need to protect each individual unit as well?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Great post btw! I bookmarked if for future reference.

  56. Thanks for your detailed guide.
    I decided to go with your recommendations.

  57. Alan Murray says:

    If I have paid membership pro, wp courseware and stripe. Do I still need a shopping cart such as A1?

  58. Great article! what do you think about these? Sensei by WooThemes, Docebo, Namaste! LMS (wp plugin) and Academy – Learning management theme?

  59. Chris, every one of your posts solves a major problem. Thank you!

    Mary Greene

  60. Hi Chris,

    This is a super helpful post. I’d been looking for how to set up an online course with a decent plugin for ages when I came across this post. Thank you!

    Although I’ve been editing wordpress for years, I’m new to the setting up bit. I’m hoping you can help. I’m stuck on step 13, I’ve read it several times but can’t get this working. I wondered what short-code I am supposed to drop on the page to get it showing my course content? I zoomed in on your image example and copied that code which shows: [wpcourse course=”1″/] but this doesn’t seem to work. Sorry if I’ve completely missed the point here, would really appreciate your advice.

    All the best

    • Just worked it out – and the course content list is now displaying. I’d be interested to hear how you got yours looking so pretty and separated out in to different coloured bars depending on module and units. At the moment mine is just showing in one long messy list! Thanks a million, Kathryn

  61. Great job Christ

    Thanks for your detail tutorial. It seems we can do anything with WordPress! 😉

  62. Yeah Chris I had the same question as someone above. How do you get the stuff to show as a form rather than just the list of courses, it doesn’t look too nice that way. I want to have a separate page for each of courses with some nice pictures and a description along with a nice big button that says something like “sign up now” and then that button takes them to a registration page, then payment, and then they finally get access to that course. Can this be done with this setup? Or would I need something like a pay per post plugin to protect the course page?

  63. Nice article ! Quick question for a membership that is largely based around video content. How is is the following accomplished . I want members to be able to see which videos they have already watched fully and be able to launch videos where they left off.

  64. Thanks for this info, Chris. I have some additional questions hoping you can answer.

    I’m looking for a solution in which my customers experience the purchased product content directly on the page (no emailed download links). For each product I include audio players (for live and archived audio access to the class), pdfs, embedded video, and an area for customer interaction/community forum that is product specific. Looking for an option where all of this can be available within each product. I don’t do quizzes or tests for my work so I’m not even sure if I need an eLearning solution if I have the right membership plug-in that meets my needs.

    I’d like to offer a customer interaction aspect as well, allowing them to share comments, ask questions of me and each other.

    Thank you!!

    • Hi Jill, do you have an update on what you’ve been looking for: customer/ student interaction?

      I achieve pretty close to what you’re looking for with the Restrict Content Pro plugin from Pippins Plugins and the Product Support plugin from Easy Digital Downloads, linked to a bbPress forum. The content lives in a bbPress forum topic, and the topics are ordered in sequence like class modules.

      But I’m also interested in a quiz / progress / check it’s done kind of interactivity that’s suggested by plugins like WP Courseware and Sensei. I’m trying to find what you want — customer / student interaction / comments / questions — on the same page / post as the lesson content. Maybe that would be achieved just with comments if they are able to be turned on for the lesson posts in WP Courseware. . .

  65. Chris! Thank you a MILLION! You just saved me from 2 weeks of mental insanity trying to create the best solution for my needs!

    Q: Will this solution run well on WPEngine? (I use them too and know they are a bit picker about scripts, calls, and chron jobs than the usual host.)

    Q: Is there an affiliate tracking solution you would highly recommend to work with this?

    Q: Have you looked at Jotform yet? They are AMAZING!! Their free accounts give what most others make you pay for! Quizzes? Yup. And crazy awesome conditional “if this then that” rules can be set – as well out full integration with mail services, google drive, and more more more. You are going to LOVE them. I promise!

  66. I recently bought this product and have been exploring it the past couple days. Seems like I already encountered a fatal design flaw:

    Unless I’m missing something… the units feature doesn’t seem to handle multiple courses well at all!

    1. Let’s say I want to create a website that has 50 courses, each with 1-10 modules, and each module has 2-15 units. The “units” collections is just one long list with no ability to isolate/group/categorize by course. That just seems like it’s going to get ugly fast. Worst case scenario we’re talking about a list of 5,000 units in one long list!

    2. Let’s say I have multiple courses again… each with multiple modules… and as the final unit in EVERY module… I want a unit titled “Summary” which does a light recap of all units in that module (many learning sites do this). If I have 3 courses with 5 modules each… I would now have 15 units all with the title of “Summary” in my units list… because that’s what I want the unit title to say. How do I tell them apart once I get into the module/unit ordering page?!? It only displays units by their title & ID.

    3. Let’s say I have 1 unit that IS applicable to multiple courses. From what I can see… once I drag a unit into a course module… it’s no longer available for any other courses!

    • You can group units in courses. Did you drag and drop them into it?

      • My understanding so far is that Units can only be dragged & dropped into Modules, not Courses. Once you drag a Unit into a Module, you can’t use that Unit again on any other Course (Module). So yes… I did drag & drop Units into Modules… but that doesn’t address my fundamental problem that the Units list is just 1 big long list. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  67. Chris,
    As usual, you’re doing the heavy lifting for the rest of us. Thanks!
    I echo Adam’s struggle with getting OptimizePress and LearnDash (or WP Courseware) to play nice. Any guidance would be hugely appreciated.
    Thanks again,

  68. Hey Chris,

    I’m really struggling with this as it isn’t working as easily as you made out. I’ve followed every step but get stuck at the following:

    Step 13: Do I use the code you’ve used? How do I add the URL to the confirmation email?
    Step 15: Although I’ve created a content page there’s no link for me to follow in the course list.

    How do I make changes to the page layouts (inserting line breaks and such) for the membership pages?

    If you could help me out I’d really appreciate it! This is causing me severe irritation!



  69. Thanks Chris, despite problems getting PMPro to do anything beyond 1 course / 1 level, the post was quite helpful.

    My assessment is that PMPro is not really designed to handle scenarios where there are multiple independent courses based on an initial non-recurring fee. What are your thoughts?

    I’ve played around with it for several hours today and haven’t been able to get it to work for 2 courses at 2 separate levels. PMPro is proving to be both brittle, buggy and time consuming…

    Buggy: Once you add the flat fee add-on, it’s pretty easy to have someone pay twice before they get access to a course. And still lose access to the prior course. Any chance you could elaborate on your thought for having a Level 1+2? Does this solution scale?

    The info on WPCourseware was great. Much appreciated.

  70. suzannemcdermott says:

    You are the BOMB, Chris! I’ve been teaching drawing and watercolor online since 2011 on self designed blogger platform and have been (mentally) blocked from getting together wp membership site together for that and my new creative coaching course. I have a mid-April deadline for next course. This post – together with post on membership site – is tremendously helpful. I’m new to your blogosphere but looking forward to more enlightenment as I dig deeper into your work.

    Listen, if you’re still responding to comments here, can I incorporate a blog for students to post their homework (including text and images) into the e-learning plug in? I’m a total novice to wordpress.

    I’m so grateful for your instruction!!!

    • Yes, you can use Gravity Forms to have them fill out forms that will create posts. Then put those posts into a category (like assignment number) and you could then use a plugin to display a secondary loop that shows a list of those posts.

      • suzannemcdermott says:

        Thanks, Chris! I’ve got the Gravity Forms site open and will dig in to find how students would attach images, but don’t understand what sort of plugin would display secondary loop showing assignment posts. I like to be able to label (or have students label) their posts so that they can click and see months worth of assignments of their own. Suggestion on plugin to display secondary loop? Also, about Gravity Forms, I already use Jotform for contact info… is Gravity Forms far superior?

        • suzannemcdermott says:

          Oh, yeah. This updating thing… when WordPress updates and various plugins update all at different dates and times, how do I manage updating… or do I have to? Or does updating happen automatically for plugins or.. Feel free to point me to an article or site for answer. Thanks!

  71. Miroslav says:

    Hello Chris,

    I would like to give the ability for my buddypress members to create quizzes directly from their profile (front end). The quizz would then be available for other site members. There are many good plugins for quiz creation, but in order to create the quiz they all require access to the wordpress backend … Could you please give me some advice on how to easily create such possibility ?

    (I understand this is not exactly about “traditional” elearning, with one teacher (the blog owner) and students since any member can play the role of “teacher” when creating a quiz)

    Thank you for your help

  72. Chris,
    Yet again another great post! I mentioned on another one of your blog posts that I ended up purchasing WPC because of you and now that I have course all ready to launch I am looking for a membership plugin.

    I was just getting ready to purchase WLM until I read this post about getting PMP!

    Is it possible to create a free membership through PMP that gives access to a specific course?

    I want to have all my athletes take my online course for free but then charge for it for other coaches/organizations and their athletes.

    So I would just share the ‘free membership’ registration link with my athletes only.

    Am I thinking on the right path here?

    thanks again for all you do!

  73. Chris,
    Is there an additional plugin you would use in this example that would help to prevent spam bot registers? Somehow I am getting new users from spam bots when I haven’t even made my WP Register page public….(of course I haven’t started using PMP yet though).

  74. If you went with Vimeo Pro, would you still need to find a good video player plugin or is that unneccesary with the Vimeo pro account?

    Should we make sure our player is responsive?

  75. Annika Öhrberg says:

    Hi and thanks for this great post! I have a couple of questions before buying plugins and maybe you have the answers? I want the layout of modules and units a bit nicer. I suppose I should find a nice wp template (with a nice post page?) to add to the plug ins? How flexible are the posts when creating content – can I upload data from a survey and show to the user? Best regards!

  76. Hey Chris,

    Great Article and very helpful. We find this is a great solution and if a user registers after a course is live and added to their membership level the curse shows up no problem. One issue we are having, on more than one different version is that if you create a new course, assign it to the membership level via the Paid Membership Pro plug in that bridges it with WP Courseware, if a user is already registered, then they can access the new course even though it’s set to their membership level. Is this something you’ve come across?



  77. Mark Petherbridge says:

    Hi Chris.

    I’ve followed your article on E-Learning with WordPress to some great success. Thank you for a very informative post.

    I was wondering whether or not you would be able to help me with a slight problem I have encountered with the implementation of this piece of software.

    The issue I am having is when I create a new course and assign it to the membership level via the Paid Membership Pro plug-in which bridges it with WP Courseware Framework, if a user is already registered, then they can’t access the new course even though it’s set to their membership level.

    So, If a user is registered as a Gold Member, any course under that tier is accessible. However, if I create a new course and add it to the Gold Member tier then the user cant access it. It shows them the module and units list but they are not clickable.

    Is this something you’ve come across?

    I would appreciate any help you are willing to give, Please do not hesitate to contact me if anything is not clear.

    Thank you for your time.

  78. Michelle says:

    Hi Chris, Thanks for all your posts! Here’s my dilemma…

    Our e-learning course modules are not presented in any particular order. Customers do not have to pass a quiz or test to proceed to another module. There is no prerequisite content of one mod over another… It is entirely the user’s choice as to the order they wish to purchase/use each mod. So, our process would look like this:

    1. Sign up (but we do not require that they be a “member”)
    2. Choose a mod (which will include a video lesson and handout content)
    3. Pay a fee for chosen mod
    4. Gain access to chosen mod for a limited time with an automatic expiration date
    5. Capability to purchase multiple mods simultaneously

    Does this sound like something wp courseware can do?

    I appreciate any advice you can offer!


  79. The post continues to rack up comments and revisions etc. Time to completely re-write it from 2014 perspective and the vantage of more experience, Chris.

  80. Thank you for your post. Already purchased WP-courseware and it is really easy to use. Can you tell me, if I want to create a free course, but for members only, should I still use the same membership plugin?

  81. I need a wordpress plugin to create e-learning for students in middle school. Features I need is multiple choice feature, if you have information about this plugin?

  82. Thank you. I am about to use all your suggestions right now.

  83. Wish i saw this before, I’ve been testing and piecing together membership and other plug-ins. Thank you!

  84. iBusinessCourses says:

    How to create video course (pay per video access) like udemy?

  85. Chris thanks for the post, I was able to bring up my site and get content being sold in just a few days. My issue now is I just put my first course out and people are buying it and I’m working on my 2nd course. But what I can’t figure out is how to have more than one course. Seems like membership pro only allows each user one level. so I have level 1 for course 1 and level 2 for course to I can only buy one or the other and no way to buy and have both. What is the next step so I can have more than one course on my site at a time?

    Thanks again for the great post

  86. A very good introduction!

    I am now preparing a proposal for my first potential customer who wants a websites with video courses to watch online for payment. I have found several very promissing tools for creating such a website, including in your blog.
    However, nobody addresses the storage, retrieval and play issues. An educational website can contain many large files and you want them to be retrieved quickly and played smoothely. Are the tools you mention dealing with any of these issues? Are there other tools? What is the best way to tackle these issues?
    At the moment all our websites are hosted on shared servers, the volume is limited and you cannot upload a file larger than 10 M

  87. Hi Chris,

    I appreciate all of your great posts and feel compelled to shed some light on some SERIOUS PROBLEMS with WP Courseware… the type of problems you often point out in other situations.

    I read the articles, bought WP Courseware, looked good (a few quirks) but tested it and ready for Black Friday launch.

    Just before sending the email to a lot of subscribers, I went to tweak formatting on a page and clicked on a link to a Unit/Lesson – PAGE NOT FOUND.

    For the next 3 hours I frantically tried to uninstall/reinstall, reset, check everything I could. WP Courseware was working yesterday, even early this morning – but it stopped without warning.

    In some ways I’m lucky to have caught the problem before sending the Black Friday launch…

    Problem 1: When creating WP Courseware a common thing is to integrate Posts that you might already have in place for your course. WPC puts a nice wrapper and a sense of making it look more “official” and professional without really doing much… all good.

    But, to use your content, WPC – EATS Your Posts – they’re gone! They belong to WPC now and say goodbye. No way to get them back.

    Moral here – after you discover what happened, you’ll know next time to make duplicates prior. But, even this is not adequate because as you make changes you’ll need to maintain 2 sets of the same day – manually – more below on why.

    Your site is continually and forever linked to WP Courseware’s licensing site. If it screws up – you’re course dies.

    In my situation I got no response from support and probably they’re off for an extended holiday after Thanksgiving… being black Friday they’re probably out shopping with the massive bucks they’ve made the last few months with the increased market desire for courseware.

    It took another 3-4 hours of manually replicating the course, fixing bad links and setting up new pages to access the program to replace WP Courseware. Finally got my launch out at 8pm pacific…. maybe I’ll make up a little bit of the lost sales over the weekend, but the magic sales frenzy energy of black friday was missed, so I’m bummed to have missed the biggest sale day of the year after actually planning for it for weeks.

    When I purchased WP Courseware 2 months ago they had somewhat of a defiant vigilant message about how they believe that no one should have to pay annual fees and that all of their products would also be 1 time purchases and free upgrades and support for life. With their huge success the last couple of months all that changed. Price is up a lot! and in 1 year licenses. Not that I would blame them for that, but they had also promised that you could pay the difference to upgrade to the highest limit plan – which no longer exists.

    So, I was feeling burned when I went to upgrade a couple of weeks ago and found the path was gone…

    And today burned again by a poorly designed implementation that could easily bite again…

    Not sure this next info is relevant… the problems started 2 days after upgrading to the latest 3.1 version – though it worked fine for a couple of days after that.

    I don’t have to have Courseware, but it looks pretty and probably helps students feel they’re getting something ‘special’ which probably helps learning. I want my students to feel special and enjoy their experience, so it’s off to the search engines for another Courseware system. Maybe even get it installed this weekend before Cyber Monday hits.

    Hoping to find a solution that
    a) does not eat my posts (wraps around existing structure) and,
    b) is not in constant reliance on a potentially flaky licensing system.

    Hope this update is helpful to someone.

    Thanks again for your great reporting Chris. Your posts have made a difference for me and much appreciated!


    • That post was not very well balanced…

      1) Support – the comment about them being out shopping instead of responding was flippant. While I’m still waiting ~30 hours later for a reply or confirmation, it’s the weekend, and a holiday weekend.

      Previous experience with WP Courseware Support was quite good…like… maybe 8.5+ on a scale of 10. Well above average!

      2) Features – Didn’t mean to imply their plugin did not do much feature-wise… I only needed a few features and their program was fairly quick to setup and was a nice touch that added value with minimal effort. They also have a ton of features I never got around to trying or needed.. quizes, surveys, lots of stuff that looks great and those other features may work beautifully.

      Hope this extra info is of value to someone.


  88. What to say other than a huge thank you and this has so much helpful info I’ve been searching for. Specifically, I googled to see if membership sites could treat membership levels as different course and voila, here is that answer and so much more. Big help man, thank you.

  89. Hi Chris,

    I’m new to WP. I came across your site by typing in some key words into Google and you popped up. I’ve been reading your stuff/watching your clips (which are fantastic!)

    I have a few questions:

    I’m in finance and wanting to put some short online courses to professionals in the finance arena, however, I was wondering if I could pick your brain re: plugins etc (if you don’t mind)

    I have downloaded/installed WooCommerce, Paid Membership Pro and not really getting the results I am after (maybe I’m just not setting it up properly) however, I am just wanting a plugin where I can create online courses (which I believe FlyPlugins offer a really simple to use plugin) but just require a basic membership portal whereby users can go to a ‘register’ section (or if existing users, a login screen) and simply sign up, and scroll through my courses.

    Then, I want them to be able to have the option to purchase which ever courses they require (using PayPal as the payment gateway)

    Then, the ability for them to log in as they please and view the content.

    I am not sure of what the names of all these plugins are, I am new and ignorant to all this and seem to be struggling. Harder than I had anticipated.

    You seem very knowledgable and hoping you can kindly assist.

    I appreciate your your time in advance.

    Kind regards,


  90. Is there any good alternative for Vimeo pro? Vimeo is blocked in my target country

    • Battlespeed says:

      You’re more likely to get a good answer if you’d mention what your “target country” is.

      • Just looking for the next best alternative for Vimeo Pro, any other provider would do. As long as it can restrict the referring URL same as Vimeo Pro does.

  91. Hello Chris.
    I am really interested in your opinion on Kajabi next, compared to Paid membership pro on your own WordPress?
    Thank you

  92. Gulliver says:


    Is there any plugin wihch allow to restrict the number of people who can do the quizz of the course?
    For example, I would like that only the 30 first persons answer to the quizz.
    Thank you :)

  93. Anna Korkman Lopes says:

    Hi Cris,
    Thanks for your very informative articles. I see that you wrote this one year ago. Since things change so fast I’m wondering, would you still recommend this plugin combo for an online course? I’m a non-techie and I need to set up a site for a course myself for as little $$ as humanly possible asap – what do you recommend? I also didn’t really understand what each plugin offered in terms of features.

  94. Chris,

    very informative. Thanks! It’s so confusing out there :(

    Is there a reason that one would have to use a membership plug in with a course plug-in?



  95. Hi Chris,
    Thank you so much for this tutorial. This is exactly what I was looking for!


  96. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for this great article.

    I take it you endorse WP Courseware as the WP theme of choice. Unfortunately, WP courseware’s pricing strategy is $99 for 2 websites; they will not sell the theme for 1 website. I am not sure who their target customer is but it does not seem to be the end provider of an e-learning course – typically done through one website.

    To the point: Do you have another suggestion as to what would be a good theme to design an e-learning course as outlined in this post of yours?

    Your advice is much appreciated.


  97. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your information

  98. Unfortunately, both Stripe and PayPal is not available in my Country, but 2Chechout is available can it work for the membership site

  99. Cool, I found it very interesting to read the post, the author thank you very much!

  100. Hi Chris,

    Very informative post, I’m from India and I want to use Indian payment gateways on my one website. Is there any way to accept payments in Indian currency using Indian payment gateways.

    Thanks in advance

  101. Hi Chris, extremely helpful and great information. How can we restrict the number of users taking test on our free online courses? Would like to have a feasible solution that can be implemented easily.

  102. I need e-learning plugin for english course. If you can help me to get it? Well, thanks the post is very helpful for beginner like me.

  103. Hey Chris!
    This is been incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for this!
    I’m curious, using the WPCourseware/PaidMembershipsPro combo, is there a way to assign a student a new membership level upon completion of a Unit/Module/Quiz?

    Here’s why I ask.

    I would like to have a discussion area. I’ll likely use some simple plugin for providing such a thing. I want to have a separate discussion for each lesson. If you’re on Lesson 2, I don’t want you to have access to Lesson 3’s discussion area. So, once you’ve completed Lesson 1, I want the user to have access to Lesson 1, and Lesson 2 discussion. Once they complete Lesson 2, they then have access to Lesson 1, Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 Discussion.

    Does that make any sense? haha.

  104. Really appreciate this wonderful post that you have provided for us.Great site and a great topic as well i really get amazed to read this. Its really good.

  105. Hi Chris
    This is very insightful. Keep up the good works
    I have some questions
    1. How can a single WP website enabled with the courseware be used as a service platform for multiple universities with multiple lecturers
    2. If paid membership access is granted a lecturer for a particular online course, how will the lecturer in turn control and grant access to his class students

    If members

  106. Your blog is one of a kind, i love the way you organize the topics.

  107. Will the suggested plugin work with OptimizePress? Also, if I process payments and the class emails through infusionsoft, how does that change things?

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