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I've Been Testing WordPress CRMs

You may recall that I wrote about the comparison criteria for WordPress CRMs a month ago. Today I want to share with them the one wish I have for them. Yes, this is an open letter to them. 🙂

Specifically, I'm talking to:

But I'll likely chat with Bento as well.

My CRM Feature Request

Take a look at all three of the automation setups. You'll notice that they're all very similar (which is a good thing). This is what led me to make my CRM feature request.

Autonami's WordPress trigger events are two: user creation and user login.

Here is the trigger events for FluentCRM.

Now check out GroundHogg's start for their funnel automations.

There's one trigger that isn't there, on any of them.

I know the normal answer is always that performance is the driver for what's available and what's not.

I also know there's some crazy way to leverage Zapier to loop from the site back to the webhooks of these products, but that's a bit extreme for me.

So here's what I want – a new trigger event.

The New Trigger: Post is Published

My feature request for a WordPress CRM comes from the fact that these systems are integrated with WordPress. They know, better than any SaaS when a post is published. And the new post could easily be worthy of being the trigger for an automation (like sending an email to interested people that the post is there).

Here's a sample scenario.

I let customers tell me, via a form, what they're interested in (whether it's blog topics, product specials, or alerts about special travel deals).

From there, I'm going to add those preferences into their CRM profile.

This is now perfectly situated so that when a new post (or other post type) is created with the right taxonomy, I could trigger the sending of an alert.

But only if I have a new triggering event, which is my CRM feature request.

What I really want is a listener to the new post creation (just like they listen for new post creation when it's a WooCommerce order) and then to check the taxonomies of that new post.

I don't expect anyone to jump up and code this right away. But I do hope someone wants to give me this little Christmas gift.

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