Bonus Content Delivery


Are You Like Me?

If you watch a lot of movies, like I do, then I wonder if you're anything like me – hoping that they recorded and made available some bonus content to watch after the movie is over. Yes, after watching an entire movie, I just want more of it. I want the commentary, the behind-the-scenes, and the interviews. I want it all.

And today I want to show you how to satisfy the same desires of your course customers.

The Bonus Content I'm Talking About (& Not Talking About)

Now, to be clear, I'm not talking about the old has-been content that people like to throw at you when they're trying to get you to buy something. Sometimes you see those landing pages with 10 bonus content offers bundled with the main product.

If you look closely at that content, it's normally outdated material that has already been sold as the “main” product and doesn't hold up anymore. So now it's only job is to sound good on the bonus content section.

I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about the high quality bonus content that people want. The stuff that causes people to spend even more time with you.

And what we want to do is make it available to them at the end of your course (not sooner).

Tools I'm Using

To make this work, I'm using several WordPress plugins:

  1. LearnDash – for the course
  2. WooCommerce – for the cart
  3. FluentCRM – for the CRM
  4. WP Fusion – for content protection

It's crazy how much power these plugins bring together and the kinds of things you can build, if you know how to make it all work.

How It All Works Together

So let's start with the simple stuff.

First, I created a course in LearnDash. It's a version of my Telling Stories course that used to be 21 lessons and I shaped it down to 13 lessons. I did that because 21 lessons is too long for a topic that people don't want to become experts in (I've told you this before).

Then I created a product that you'll be able to buy on my site from WooCommerce. The best part of using FluentCRM is that it integrates directly into Woo in the product area, so that I can tell it which tags to add for anyone buying this product.

From there, is where I start working on my bonus content delivery system using FluentCRM. You'll see two different automations. In the first line, ID #4, you see an encouragement email. This is an email that encourages folks who have completed 6 lessons of the 13. And it tells them there's a special bonus available for them at the end of the course.

The ID #2 automation is the one they're waiting for. It only comes after the final lesson is completed. That's the trigger. And the email sends them the special link for their bonus content (in this case 8 additional lessons).

The final part is the use of WP Fusion to lock down that bonus content page from anyone who doesn't have the right tag. First we make sure users are logged in. WP Fusion, upon their login, will look at FluentCRM and pull all their tags. And then when they visit the page, will compare their tags to the page's requirements.

A Bonus Content Delivery System

The result of all this goodness is a bonus content delivery system. A solution that can be used and re-used again for as many courses as I publish – and there are two down and four more on the way. It's going to be a busy week as I work in the evenings to get this all wrapped up and prepare for a new 2022.

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