Save time and avoid critical errors to scale faster and kick your revenue into overdrive.

I’ve been called a startup strategist, a business coach, a business consultant, a product marketing coach, a mentor, a SaaS coach, and even a speaking coach. What you call me doesn't matter. What matters are the results we create as I come alongside you, your team, and your business to help you level up.

Achieve Peak Performance

High-Performance Business Coaching

I’ve always been interested in the dynamics that drive peak performance. I wrote my Master’s thesis on high performers and I’ve been managing, leading, and coaching high-performance teams since 1996. You could say it’s a bit of an obsession. It’s also what fuels my passion for coaching businesses and business leaders.

Because you’re here, I know you believe in your product, you’ve had success, and you know your future is bright. I also know that you’re likely…

Experiencing frustrating setbacks and encountering obstacles that maybe shouldn’t be obstacles.

Struggling to motivate your team to perform at their best or to get the right team in place.

Trying to overcome sluggish growth or flat revenue.

Stuck on a plateau and unsure of how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Wondering why your marketing isn’t generating traffic or why you have traffic but low conversion rates.

Here's the truth:

When you’re not seeing the results you want, it’s often difficult to step outside your day-to-day to get a fresh perspective, shift your thinking, find a different path, do something different, and empower your people.

That’s where business coaching comes into play — and helping you move beyond your current challenges into a better future is where I shine.

“Our business had grown and it was comfortable but we had stalled and I needed help help to get to the next level. Engaging Chris for coaching was the best decision I have ever made.

The impact coaching with Chris has had is hard to put into words but not hard to put into numbers. We’ve launched four new productized services, added 25 team members, and increased MRR by more than 130%.”

Brad Morrison

Brad Morrison

I’m the secret weapon you’ve been looking for — the nitrous in your engine that will supercharge acceleration and get you over the finish line faster.

“In 30 minutes, Chris changed the entire direction of my business. He identifies what is missing, fills the gaps, and helps you find a clear path forward so you can reach your goals — and maybe reach goals you didn’t think were possible.

Chris sees in you what you can’t see for yourself. He takes your unique capabilities into consideration and provides advice that is direct, honest, and actually something you can act on.”

Shannon Shaffer

Shannon Shaffer
Purple Finch Studios

Enjoy smart growth

Drive Revenue Without Burnout

You can’t go fast if you’re always worried about what’s around the corner, and you can’t possibly know what’s around the corner, without years of experience.

With me as your business coach, you not only get my 30 years of experience in product development, product strategy, and business leadership but also every resource I have at my fingertips.

Together we’ll evaluate what’s working and what’s not, identify existing obstacles and new opportunities, and chart your best path forward — and I’ll help you anticipate what’s ahead so you can avoid the pain of trial-by-fire learning.

We’ll get you moving faster with more confidence so you can not just accelerate growth but grow meaningfully and in a way that feels good and fuels your team.

skip the signature system

Leave The Cookie Cutters In The Kitchen

Plenty of coaches have signature systems and cookie-cutter approaches they take every client through. You’ll see this methodology everywhere because it works. Until it doesn’t.

When you reach a certain level of success, everything changes because the stakes are higher and problems are bigger.

What used to work no longer works.

More people and personalities are involved.

Problems are more nuanced and decisions are more complicated.

Getting it wrong yields more significant consequences.

This is why I don’t take a plug-and-play cookie-cutter approach to coaching. When you partner with me for coaching, every aspect of the work we do together is tailored to your business, your goals, your team, and what you need.

So yeah, I have 78 proven frameworks for smarter decision-making, as well as numerous resources, calculators, tools, templates, and more.

But I’m not going to dump them in your lap and make you figure out which one applies to the current challenge you’re facing. And I’m definitely not going to drip them out over a set timeline I decided on before we met.

Instead, I’ll wow you with the right resource at the right time, perfectly paired with the right advice. And when you have a need, I’ll share a solution or a tool and likely a story or two because I’m always telling stories to help connect dots in ways that stick.

“All of my metrics were going in the right direction, except revenue. Chris helped me rethink my entire business model and he is the reason my business still exists today. He told me stories, challenged me, and guided me on what to do. I did it and the results spoke for themselves.

I’ve been coaching with Chris since 2019 and his advice has been instrumental in my business. We went from monthly revenue of $2,000 to more than half a million dollars per year.”

John Doherty

John Doherty

Shift Your Thinking

The ROI Of Business Coaching

Most people want to talk about pricing right away.

They ask: What does it cost?

They think to themselves: I heard you're expensive.

The thing is, that’s not the main question you should be asking because if I told you that you could pay $100 to get $1,000 – you'd do it every single day without hesitation. So instead of thinking about price, try my ROI calculator to discover the potential ROI of coaching with me.

“Coaching with Chris has taught me about building a product business, understanding and using the buyer’s journey to increase sales, and getting out of the weeds to move fast. He’s also particularly talented with pricing strategy and cuts through he noise to shift your thinking and get it right.

Chris is an amazing human, brilliant product strategist, thoughtful community builder, and world-class event host. If you don’t have him in your corner, get him there.”

Chris Badgett

Chris Badgett — Lifter LMS

Take The Next Step

Serious About Accelerating Your Results? We Should Talk

My role as CEO and my existing coaching commitments mean I have limited availability, so I only accept coaching clients if I am confident I can get them to or beyond their goals.

If you’re ready to turn the business you have into the business you want, and you’re committed to doing the work that comes with investing in business coaching, I'd love to have a no-pressure conversation and chat about the challenges you’re facing and what you’d like to achieve.

Fill out my coaching form and I'll follow up with you shortly.

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